Office workstations and desktop designs

Office workstations are practical and cost-effective options for office workspaces. Much like Legos for adults, they can be reconfigured easily or updated as workplace needs change. Office workstations establish privacy for employees without the need for costly floor-to-ceiling wall construction or structural changes. They can be used to divide areas utilizing different configurations of panel heights and widths, stackers, upmounts, or nothing at all! Office workstations can be customized to display company branding with endless color and finish selections; they can even be comprised of varied materials, like fabric, glass, or laminate. Office workstations can include an assortment of storage options that are easily accessible from a seated position, placed above or below the worksurface. Want or need to work from a standing position? Workstations can do that, too! Workstation configurations from some of our most popular vendors can be used as a starting point; Joyce Contract Interiors can work on it with you to craft a design that suits your office space, or you can come up with something completely on your own!

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Office Workstation Cubicles

Office workstation cubicles are a more private form of the typical office workstation. They consist of panels of variable heights and widths, which can be as low as 32” or as high as 85+” or as narrow as 12” or as wide as 60”. Stackers can also be added to the panel, perhaps in fabric available in assorted colors, for a more aesthetic look. A glass upmount adds more privacy without sacrificing light. The panels themselves can be made of different materials, based on the user’s needs: acoustic material for sound dampening, laminate for easy cleaning, or fabric to fit the more standard needs of an office workstation cubicle. Some manufacturers even offer panels of perforated metal for an industrial look.

Just because an office workstation is enclosed by panels doesn’t mean the options are limited. Worksurfaces can be static (unmoving) or mounted on a higher track if the user prefers standing. If employees prefer to alternate between sitting and standing, they can use a height-adjustable desk fitted to the office workstation cubicle size. It is even possible to choose a height-adjustable main worksurface and a static return. As a height-adjustable desk may limit storage options, a fun addition is a mobile box/file pedestal, which can be fitted with a cushioned top for guests to sit on! Typical storage options for a static office workstation cubicle are typically above worksurface height, such as an open shelf, a flipper door unit, or tool rails for paper-flow management. Below the worksurface storage options include a box/box/file pedestal (3-drawer), a file/file pedestal (2-drawer), or a lateral file for larger filing requirements.

Office Workstation Benching

Office workstation benching is a more open concept that fosters collaboration among peers. While it still offers the storage and static/height-adjustable options, it eliminates the need for panels by using screens of varying heights instead. Office workstation benching is a more space-efficient option, as there are fewer components and encourages more space-sharing among coworkers. While the workstations are still semi-private, users are able to look to surrounding neighbors for support and brainstorming. Similar to the office workstation cubicle panels, office workstation benching screens can be of different materials: clear or frosted glass, fabric, ribbed acrylic, or even markerboard to improve the usefulness of the space! If users choose a height-adjustable workstation, their screens can either move up or down with them as they change workstation height, or users can choose to share a screen with a neighbor that stays put during height-adjustment. Although office workstation benching arrangements are more open-office-friendly, storage options are more limited. Office workstation benching is an option best suited for employees who work with minimal clutter.

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