Office partition and folding glass cubicle

A “partition” is an object designed to separate space. In the office furniture world, the word partition still means to separate space but there are several divider types that we refer to as partitions. When you are determining which divider is right for you and for your space, ask, and answer, these questions. “Do I want the partitions to be fixed or mobile?” “How high do I want the partitions to be?” “What is the purpose of the partitions… to provide privacy, help absorb sound, or offer an extra level of protection against viruses?”

These questions lead to new questions about the materials that you want to be incorporated into your space. Since partitions can be attached to desks, ceilings, and walls, there are many different options. Contact us today and let us help you find the best solution for your office.

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Folding office partitions

Partitions can be hard surfaces (for example, a laminate or veneer) that are easiest to keep clean, particularly in a lab, healthcare facility, bank, or busy office environment. Adding color or a pattern offers aesthetic interest; adding a dramatic woodgrain look projects an image of stability or strength in your space. Another choice is 3form material. 3form is a leading manufacturer of award-winning, eco-friendly materials and architectural solutions. The company blends color, organic materials, and textures into translucent resin panels using multiple patterns or natural substances like bamboo. Available in almost limitless colors, patterns, and designs, partitions can appeal to everyone.

Glass partition walls for office

Joyce Contract Interiors can provide clear, colored, or frosted glass that allows natural light in to your office environment and brightens the space. Glass in your office design communicates the idea that you are not worried about clients and customers seeing your work. If you need privacy, caring for a patient at a dentist’s office, for example, frosted glass still projects the open vibe without true visibility. Adding glass to a small space lets you expand the space so that it is perceived as larger. Glass may even encourage cleanliness as part of the office culture and result in less clutter.

Metal Partitions

If you are looking for more of an industrial look, incorporating metal into partitions can help. Metal can be added randomly or in a pattern, creating a unique and personalized look. Metal designs add mixed materials to a partition that blend cool and warm tones. There are many metallic color shades to choose among.

Whiteboard Partitions

With whiteboard partitions in a variety of shapes and sizes, you can divide space yet provide a way to share ideas or information. Communication of this kind is crucial in technology, healthcare, and education settings. These whiteboard partitions range from either a small tiles or screen that may sit on top of a workstation to a divider that is mounted on top of a desk to an entire wall of whiteboards. With all of these possibilities, employees can convey thoughts and information easily to colleagues individually or to other teams.

Partitions make your space work for you and help your company’s business. They can repurpose existing space and add new life and function to existing furniture. Partitions can be designed for out-of-the-box use! Regardless how you imagine their use in your office space, Joyce Contract Interiors can help you create your vision.

Freestanding Screens

Below are some example of existing workstations with desk dividers/sneeze guards being added to keep your employees 6′ feet apart and safe.

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