Office dividers

Manufactured in all shapes, sizes, materials, and finishes, office dividers can be used in a multitude of applications with endless creative possibilities! In open-plan benching workstations, dividers placed between employees add height (12”-30”) separation and provide a sense of personal space. With low panel workstations, add clear dividers/screens on top of panels to maintain social distancing and still maintain the open look of the space. Use dividers to create a barrier for reception desks and tables while still providing visibility. Free-standing and mobile dividers used in open areas can define space for meetings, collaborative areas, and corridors. Dividers provide flexibility and can be reconfigured, moved, or removed in the future. Divider materials vary, including glass, acrylic, lexan (clear or frosted), laminate, and fabric. Depending on divider type, they can also provide sound absorption. Let us help find the best solution for you!

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Desk Dividers

Desk dividers, sometimes referred to as screens, are designed to sit above the desk or work surface. Desk dividers are a perfect solution and offer both visual and sound privacy. With a variety of removable or permanent mounting options, you can easily turn existing desks into personalized workstations. Desk dividers are designed to help maintain productivity and tune out distractions while keeping everyone safe. Standard heights range from 12” to 30” and widths range up to 84”.

Clear Frameless Glass or Acrylic Dividers

This contemporary option adds a see-through barrier without removing the feeling of openness or the aesthetics of the space.

Fabric Dividers

Add a pop of color to any space and provide sound absorption. The option of tackable fabric lets employees personalize their own space with photos, information, or nameplates.

Sneeze Guard Dividers

The dividers can be mounted with free-standing feet for a movable solution or they can be fixed to your countertop, work surface, or tabletop permanently where needed. Easy to disinfect and clean, sneeze guard dividers are an effective solution that keeps your environment safe. They come in standard sizes and are customizable to fit your needs.

Modular Wall Dividers

If you are looking to separate desks quickly, these modular wall dividers are a flexible and versatile solution that creates a physical barrier in a shared office environment. Turn open tables and work surfaces into separate and protected workspaces with modular wall dividers. They adjust to fit a stationary desk or table 24” or 30” deep and 28”-31” high using free-standing feet and desk leveling glides. Dividers are available in an array of materials and finishes. Divider walls can be freestanding or on casters and are designed to separate or close off workstations. Frames are available in all laminate or aluminum with segmented tiles.

Cubicle Panel Extender Dividers

Need to add more privacy in your low walled cubicle workstations? Panel extenders are a cost-effective way to add visual and sound privacy to an existing cubicle system while at the same time updating the look of your office. They can be mounted with clamps or a single channel can extend across two or three panels (standard width up to 84” long).

Room Divider Panels

Do you want to section off or separate space in your office without the cost and disruption of construction? Freestanding room dividers are a perfect solution. Use just one panel or combine several to create an L-shaped area for meeting rooms, huddle areas, break rooms, or customer/patient waiting areas. Constructed using lightweight aluminum extrusion, these panels have an anodized or powder coat for an aesthetic and durable finish. Each divider can be designed using a variety of materials; laminate, fabric, acrylic (frosted, clear, colored), with heights up to 78” and widths up to 73”. Room divider panels can be hinged together to create 2-, 3-, and 4-way configurations.

Ceiling Hung Dividers

These dividers are attractive and a perfect way to divide a space and reduce room echo. Made from durable recycled polyester material, they are lightweight and tackable. Ceiling hung dividers provide endless possibilities for improving room acoustics while creating an inspiring environment.

freestanding desk divider for desk or table

Below are some example of existing workstations with dividers or sneeze guards being added to keep your employees 6′ feet apart and safe.

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