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Whether you’re redecorating your home office or have recently relocated, professional and comfortable furniture is essential for prioritizing efficiency. Your office may be used solely for your everyday work or it may be a welcoming meeting area for clients and vendors. If you need more storage, an improved layout, or a proper office desk, our office furniture can help you create a professional and presentable environment.

One of the essential focal points of your office is your desk. The type of desk you need depend on how you plan to use it. An office desk that offers focus and functionality for a productive week can be a generous size or small. Make reading, filing, and task management more fun with a desk from Joyce Contract Interiors.


Office desk

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Contemporary desk

Joyce Contract Interiors provides a wide range of contemporary office desks. Give your office a personal and comfortable feel with a mixture of styles! Premium laminate and wood finishes will provide a polished and current look.

A solid desk with a contemporary design may be what you need. Look for a desk that both represents your style and accommodates your workflow. Consider if a large desk with ample space for a monitor and keyboard is the right choice for you.

Many desks can be complemented with bookcases and hutches to keep your office items organized. Build a customized work area that includes seating, a work surface, and storage. Add-on features may include guest seating, credenza or lateral files.

Contemporary styles blend with existing office décor seamlessly or stand on their own as single units.

Industrial office desk

Are you looking for an unparalleled set-up that will help you crush that to-do list? Maybe a smaller desk with plenty of room to write may best suit your needs. Industrial-style desks can maximize space in limited square footage. Industrial desks are made from engineered wood or premium laminate veneers with neutral finishes. Desktops feature cut-outs for workplace essentials and position networking cables out of the way.

While industrial designs offer a rugged, functional look, their solid structure and storage areas help you power through your checklist. With the increasing height and weight of equipment like multiple monitors and keyboards, a highly functional and organized office is essential. Little details offer the most significant differences in employee comfort and overall safety.

Corner office desk

Working from home or a private office can be a bonus and a challenge all at once. When your computer, landline, and printer dominate your work surface, you may be astonished at how little space is left.

Joyce Contract Interiors offers an excellent alternative solution: the corner desk. An ideal solution with custom configurations, the corner desk is less intrusive and fits in awkward spots. Maximize your floor space and access your entire work area with a swivel of your chair.

Not only does corner desk take up less space in a room, but they offer more organizational space than other traditional models. Stack your printer, scanner, and pedestal under your desk without overcrowding your workspace. Minimize clutter, maximize comfort, and increase performance with a stylish and modern corner office desk.

Long office desk

A long office desk is convenient and can accommodate two colleagues or coworkers working together. The large desktop is simple and integrates perfectly into any space, allowing two people to work without disturbing each other.

A spacious work area allows for an organized workspace, even when it contains several computers. High-quality and load-bearing, the desktop of a long office desk is scratch-resistant and offers a clear view of your surroundings.

Space-saving with ample storage space above and under it, a long office desk lets you store your office accessories confidently. Often accompanied by a steel frame, long office desks offer stability and require little maintenance.

If you have a lot of work equipment or enjoy next to a partner or colleague without having to compromise on space, the long office desk is the right choice for you.

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