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Office benching is a design concept that fosters an open and collaborative work environment. Panels and walls are removed so that employees can easily communicate from office-benching style desk units. The benching units can be connected together to form one unit and are available in multiple configurations, including 2-,4-,6-,8- or 10-person units. Office benching units are very popular currently. They are being used as single-day or week-by-week workspaces and hoteling-style work areas where employees use a seat for just a short period of time. Especially relevant in the COVID-19 era, this style of seating suits spaces where there is no assigned seating required. Office benching encourages employee movement within the company with the goals of employee introductions and increased collaboration. Benching also offers flexibility, a valuable option during the pandemic. Companies can enforce social distancing by alternating work schedules; schedules and capacity are set so that every other seat is open and not everyone is present in the office at one time.

Below are some examples of desking and benching systems that we offer. Note that most of these configurations are adaptable for larger or smaller groups of people, simply requiring the addition or elimination of desking units. We can also add or remove various desk components and/or accessories depending on your specific needs.

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Office Benching Configurations

Larger office benching units can also be joined together. For example, our most popular 3-Person 120 degree unit can be linked to another 3-person configuration to create a 6-person pod. These units are adaptable and can accommodate the addition of single units, depending on the chosen configuration. For example a 6-person unit, such as #128 seen on our website, can be adapted to become a 7- or 8-person unit by an added worksurface spanning the depth of the configuration at each end for a printer area or shared work area.

Office Benching Sizes

Office benching units can be fixed height or height-adjustable. They are available in depths of 24, 30, and 36 inches. Widths are typically 48, 60, 66, and 72 inches. Like standard workstations, benching units can include a return for more worksurface space that may be height-adjustable with the rest of the unit or static. With returns, worksurfaces can form a 90-degree angle at the corner or, for friendlier usability, be curved at the corner.

Office Benching Power

Power and data are shared through connecting troughs (underneath the worksurface typically) or power units (either underneath the worksurface or on top of the desk for easy access). The power can be sourced from a wall receptacle, from a floor core, or from a ceiling feed.

Office Benching Storage and Accessories

Fixed or mobile pedestals additions may be added for storage, as can accessories including power/USB modules, monitor arms, and clamp-on dividers. A cushion top can be added to mobile pedestals for guest seating. Units can also share common tool rails, which help with paper-flow management and have cupholders on both sides.

Office Benching Privacy

This design style not only allows for open communication but helps to maximize the office space. Eliminating the need for panels, screens can be added to new or existing office benching to create more privacy and separation without hindering collaboration. Screens can be as low as 8” or as high as 24+” and can be made of various materials, like panels. Office benching screens are available in clear or frosted glass, ribbed Lexan, laminate, fabric, and even markerboard so that the upmount is still very user-friendly. Screens can be static, shared between users, or mounted to height-adjustable units so that they move with the user.

We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have about benching and desking systems. Contact us so that we can help you set up a benching or desking system that works best for your work place.

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