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#239 – Clover 4 Person Workstation

$ 3,940.00

Starting price as shown is $3,940 or $985 per person


Clover 4 Person Workstation includes:

Drop down style panels
67″H fabric panels
53″H fabric panels
39″H fabric panels
Open shelf
Tool rail accessory bar with paper flow accessories
Multi-circuit power
Each individual desk is 48″x48″x24″ rectilinear style corner worksurface with (2) 24″ quarter round worksurface on either side

Shipping Details: Freight, Delivery and installation additional based on location and field conditions.

As Shown


Wild Oat Matrix

MT Medium Tone

MT Medium Tone

Panel Trim:
MT Medium Tone

Panel Fabric:

Anchorage Green Olive

Additional Color Choices



6’x6′ Clover Four Person Cubicle 239