Table come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can be used in a multitude of applications. Generally, the shape of a table reflects how the table will be used. Conference room table, training room table, café table—there is a table for every room. Power can be added to most tables so that employees can plug in laptops, charge devices, or project onto a screen. Tables come in many finishes and styles, accommodating high-end designs or more casual looks. The categories of tables we see primarily are conference room tables, cafeteria tables, training room tables, huddle room tables, and tables for resimercial (residential commercial)/collaborative areas. We offer tables in a variety of finishes and materials, but the most common is laminate. We have tables that range from standard seated heights to standing height depending on the intended use.

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Office tables for conference room

Conference room tables are breakout rooms where employees can sit in a group to collaborate. Typically, these tables accommodate anywhere from 4 to 16 people per table. Tables come in a variety of shapes; oval, square, rectangular, boat-shaped, and more. Rectangular or racetrack-shaped are the most common shapes. Many conference tables can have power added so that employees can plug in laptops (via USB or regular outlet). Conference room tables are available in several styles, from casual to more formal. Formal tables are more common for conference rooms that often host executive meetings that can last for many hours of the workday. Conference room tables help employee groups gather, communicate, collaborate, and make meaningful work connections.

Office tables for cafeteria

There are a wide variety of cafeteria room tables. These tables usually seat 4-8 people. They are often in square, rectangular, or circular shapes. While cafeteria tables are available in a variety of material, we recommend materials that are easy to wipe down and keep clean. Since people eat at cafeteria tables and are likely to spill foods and beverages, surface materials that can be cleaned easily and that do not stain are recommended. Cafeteria room tables can welcome employees who need to take a break and relax. After a busy morning, meeting up with coworkers for lunch away from their desks can be a much-needed respite and can recharge employees for the afternoon ahead. Having a comfortable and efficient cafeteria space adds to an overall positive company culture, helping to make the workplace more appealing and attracting and retaining employees.

Office tables for training room

Training room tables are typically tables for one individual. They are often considered “classroom-style” tables within a room where there is one employee at each desk with multiple desks spaced out in rows. Training room tables come in a variety of styles, from more casual to high-end. These tables can also have power added to them as needed. We often recommend that clients put these tables on casters so that they can be reconfigured easily. Casters let clients move tables into smaller breakout groups and reconfigure seating arrangement shapes.

Office tables for huddle room

Huddle rooms are small breakout rooms that typically seat 2-4 employees. These rooms are meant for short, collaborative meetings. Huddle room tables come in a variety of shapes and heights. Often, these tables are standing height to reduce the amount of time employees use the room for meeting space. Huddle room tables can also have power options added if employees need to plug in while collaborating.

Office tables for Resimercial – Collaborative Areas

Resimercial, a cross between residential and commercial design, is a design style that is becoming more popular. The idea is to keep the office professional but create an environment where employees are comfortable and feel as if they are “at home.” This style can be achieved using bright colors and fun furniture choices and by designing with a balance of professional and home elements. Many new and young companies aim for this style when they are looking to attract and retain new employees.

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Modern office table

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