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Computer Desks

 A computer desk is a piece of furniture that is designed to be both functional and comfortable. Whether the computer desk is for an office or home, this type of desk must provide both a writing worksurface and a place for all of the necessary office equipment, including a computer and/or monitor(s) and cable management grommets to hide wires. Generally speaking, computer desks have fewer drawers and storage options than regular desks.

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Contemporary computer desk

Computer desks come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Computer desks are often stand-alone desks that can be used in a home office, executive office, or cubicle office. Worksurfaces are generally larger than other desks so that multiple computers can be placed on one desk, along with cable management tools to manage all the wires. Computer desks are best suited for developers, graphic designers, and anyone who has a job that requires many hours siting and working on a computer or has a lot of electronics. In large tech companies, multiple computer desks can often be configured into rows for multiple computer systems that use a shared power source.

Long computer desk

The most common computer desk is a straight desk. A straight computer desk can be as small as 24 x 48” and is often used in home offices or at office hoteling stations, where only a laptop is needed. The largest straight computer desks are generally 30 x 72” but can be as large as you need, as long as you are willing to pay for a customized size.

Computer desk height-adjustable

Sitting at your computer desk for long periods of time may impact your posture and give you back issues. Height-adjustable bases can be added to your computer desk for an ideal solution. Another way to make your computer desk height-adjustable is with a desk riser. Desk risers sit on top of your current worksurface and raise just your computer and monitor(s).

L-shaped Computer Desk

An L-shaped computer desk is often used by someone who keeps a lot of paperwork and equipment on the desk. That person needs a larger worksurface, something that is not possible with a straight worksurface. There are many options with an L-shaped computer desk; the worksurface can be height-adjustable—just half of the L-shaped computer desk can raise while the rest is static or the entire desk can be stationary.

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