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​Everything you need to know about L-shaped desks for the modern office

L-shaped desks are efficient and productive workstations. They are often used by people who need a larger worksurface than a straight desk because they have lots of paperwork and equipment to which they need easy access. L-shaped desks are versatile, as they allow for storage both above and below the desk. They are great in a private office or a home office, but L-shaped desks also have creative uses as workstations in an open office area.

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What is an L-shaped desk?

L-shaped desks are regular desks with a right-angled extension added to form an additional work area. The L shape creates one workspace for primary work as well as a secondary space that serves as a support. The desk is designed so that you can access any point of the two workspaces without having to move much. An L-shaped desk can also be used as a workstation for multiple people, making it one of the more versatile desks available.

What are the typical sizes for L-shaped desks?

The standard height of an L-shaped desk is 29 or 30 inches, unless it is height-adjustable. The width/length and depth of an L-shaped desk can vary quite a bit based on the desk style. The depth of each worksurface is typically between 20 and 30 inches. L-shaped desks with unequal sides range in length from, roughly, 58 to 72 inches on the longer side and approximately 48 to 60 inches on the shorter side. L-shaped desks with equal sides are often in the 48-to-72-inch range.

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How should you arrange the top of an L-shaped desk?

What is the best way to arrange items on top of an L-shaped desk? These days a desk is almost always centered around a computer, so let’s start there.

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