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L-shape desks

An L-shaped desk is an efficient and productive workstation designed in the shape of an L that fits parallel to two walls. This type of desk optimizes the corner of a home office or office workspace, as less space is wasted. L-shaped desks are often used by people with lots of paperwork and equipment that they want to be able to access. They need a larger worksurface than a straight worksurface. L-shaped desks are versatile, as they allow for both above and below desk storage.

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Contemporary L shape desk

L-shaped desks have a few options, including options in how they are used. One option is to have a fully height-adjustable L-shaped desk. An L-shaped desk with a 3-leg, 3-stage base can accommodate either one large corner worksurface or two worksurfaces that are bracketed together to make one piece. The entire worksurface rises. Another option is to be able to adjust the height of half of the desk. In this scenario, half of the worksurface sits on top of a 2-leg, 2- or 3-stage base and rises, while the other worksurface is static (stationary) and is supported by legs and/or storage. One last option is to have the entire L-shaped desk static. Whether you use one large corner worksurface or two worksurfaces bracketed together, this desk is supported only by legs and/or storage units.

Storage for L shaped desks

Do you need underneath storage options but are not sure which one is best? It all depends on how you plan to use the storage. Most popular storage units are box/box/file pedestal or file/file pedestal units. The file/file is best if you have lots of paperwork to be filed; a box/box/file is best if you need drawers for smaller items. If your job involves a lot of paper that you must have at your fingertips, then a 2-drawer lateral might be the best option.

There are also many above-the-worksurface storage options, such as bookcases, hutches, or overhead cabinets. Bookcases and hutches can sit right on top of the desk, while overhead cabinets need to be affixed to a wall. Overhead cabinets work perfectly when the L-shaped desk is in the corner of a room.

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