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Modular desks

 A modular desk is a component-based system much like the well-known game Lego. You build your desired desk or workstation with just the pieces that suit your individual needs. Here at Joyce Contract Interiors, our interior design and sales teams work with you to design individual and specific modular desk. Contact us to let us help you design and create a beautiful and efficient modular desk that meets your needs and budget.

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Modular desk designs

The design of the modular desk starts with the work top or worksurface that will be used for writing and for your computer. One of the most common design shapes is a straight worksurface. Lengths typically range from 20” to 96”, with widths of 20”, 24”, or 30”. A corner or 90-degree worksurface is another popular design, with worksurface sizes of 36”, 42”, 48”, or 60”. These types of modular desks are designed to be placed against two parallel walls, saving on space. However, 120-degree worksurfaces generally need a larger footprint and work well in private offices or large open spaces. Both the 90-degree and the 120-degree worksurfaces come in depths of 20”, 24”, and 30”.

Large modular desk

The first step in picking the right type of modular desk is to measure the area where the desk will be in order to determine the length, width, and shape of the desk. The next step is to decide on the underneath support systems you need. After those steps, you can add any additional component system. The last step is picking finishes.

Modular desk systems

There are many types of legs and combination of legs that can be used to support a modular desk worksurface. Popular support legs include panel end legs, t-legs, c-legs, and post legs. Underneath support can also come from storage options, such as a box/box/file pedestal, a file/file pedestal, a lateral file, or bookcases. Height-adjustable bases are the newest options, as they encourage a (healthy) standing work style.

Modular Desk Component Systems

Component systems must first start with a wall track. From the wall track, additional storage can be added, including open-shelf or enclosed storage, shelves, flipper-door units, and task lights.

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