Reception area furniture and lobby seating

Reception furniture and the reception area are important from a first-impression and branding perspective. Employees should feel pride and strength when they walk into the office. Customers will see immediately how your company presents itself. A powerful reception area starts with a reception desk or reception station and also includes lounge and guest furniture, as well as coffee and side tables. Many reception areas now include a sanitization station to keep people safe as they enter an office. Does your reception furniture mirror your company’s culture? Is your reception furniture in good shape, attractive, and comfortable or are they dated, worn, ripped, or torn? Clients should feel as if they are hiring a professional organization that exhibits confidence and strength.

While there are many different furniture types that can be utilized in a reception area, reception furniture can be categorized in three ways: traditional, contemporary, and transitional.

Reception desks are usually the focal point of the space and can be either freestanding or built-in units. Reception seating can be individual seating, tandem seating, bench seating, or soft lounge seating. Accessories generally include rugs, tables, lamps, artwork, and display racks, and are meant to polish and support the area and the company image.

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Traditional Reception Furniture

Traditional reception furniture is seen in many conservative, stable companies, including insurance and law firms as well as government offices. Traditional furniture projects confidence, longevity, and stability. Leather seating is often used along with customized reception stations.

Contemporary Reception Furniture

Contemporary reception furniture is at the other end of the spectrum, appearing more current or modern, fresh, and exciting. Many high-tech, marketing, technology, and new-age companies outfit and brand with this style of reception furniture. These firms want to project excitement as well as cutting-edge style.

Transitional Reception Furniture

Transitional reception furniture bridges the gap between contemporary and traditional furniture and can blend the two styles. The overall effect is a combination, refined and sophisticated yet comfortable and classic. This effect can be achieved through the furniture and the use of varying shapes and materials. Successful ways of conveying this style include blending fabric, wood, and metal together in one furniture piece, modernizing more traditional pieces, and adding a fresh look to the reception furniture.

Reception Seating

Reception seating offers guests, visitors, clients, and/or patients a comfortable area in which to wait. Seating choices include single standalone chairs (4-legged or sled base, soft seating, with or without arms), loveseats, double- or triple-seat couches or benches, bariatric seating (oversized single seating with or without arms), and airport-style seating (multiple bench style seating, usually armless). Most reception seating selections have multiple arm options that and are available armless. Arms typically come in polyurethane, metal, or wood. Seats and backs can be upholstered in fabric, mesh, vinyl, health-care vinyl, and leather, and are also available in polypropylene. Vinyl, health-care vinyl, and polypropylene are very popular choices right now because of COVID-19, as they are easier to wipe down and clean.

Reception Stations

Reception stations are available in a variety of configurations to accommodate one or two employees. Multiple finish options allow you to select something that fits with your company’s branding and aesthetics. Transaction-height counters ensure an extra level of privacy. Fixed or mobile storage options, lateral files, and bookcases can all be added. There is no “one size fits all” in reception area design.

Reception Privacy

The reception areas of many offices, especially medical offices, must take extra privacy precautions. However, they still try to project an atmosphere of friendliness. Over the last several years, hi-tech companies have opted for increased security measures and often provide just a few seating options and a desk or counter with a phone to use to contact the host. Privacy is also necessary in other industries, including education, financial, and manufacturing .

Reception station

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