Office Accessories: Desk Top Power Unit and Cable Management

Desk Top Power Unit

Desk top power units are a great alternative to power strips. The biggest advantage is they sit on top of your desk, allowing for easier access when charging a laptop, or cell phone. There are many different models, ranging from all sockets, to a combination of sockets, USB ports, to wireless charging. All desk top power units shown here can be placed into a grommet or can clamp to a desk or table. We can also help you find other models/configurations for the type of power needed.

Cable Management

Tired of looking at all the wires under your desk? A cable management system will allow you to easily hide all your wires, organizing your desk area. The wires will also be easier to access if needed. This can be used on either a static or height adjustable desk. We can also help you find other models/configurations that might work for your desk.

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