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Executive desks

Executive desks are common in large private offices or large home offices—places that have a lot of open space. Traditionally, these are large desks with multiple box/box/file pedestals underneath for filing paperwork and office supplies. Executive desks are usually found in high-level staff offices, where they are able to concentrate. An executive desk makes a statement, beautifully crafted and giving an office a traditional look. Executive desks can be made of wood or laminate, material that can handle frequent use.

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Contemporary executive desk

Like most office furniture, there is never just one-size-fits-all for desks; that is true for the executive desk. A smaller executive desk works best in a smaller office, offering just one long rectangular worksurface. An L-shaped executive desk is comprised of two pieces. Generally, the main worksurface is longer with a return on the side, providing additional worksurface. The U-shaped executive desk is the largest of all desks, creating a U-shape with three separate pieces. The size of the chosen worksurfaces determines the size of the finished desk. Often, all three worksurfaces will be the same size to allow multiple projects to be worked on at the same time. Executive desks often have a hutch, credenza, or matching bookcase.

Executive Desk Storage Options

 An executive is busy, usually working on multiple projects at one time. Therefore, storage is important. Given the size of an executive desk, the best option for storage is underneath the desk. The type of work being done determines the storage needed. A box/box/file pedestal will store office supplies and smaller items in the drawers and paperwork in the bottom file. A file/file pedestal will accommodate only files. If you work with a lot of paper, a lateral file is the best option, as it will keep all of the paperwork organized and within reach.

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