There are a variety of accessories that can be added to your desk or office to help keep you organized and productive. Whether you are looking for monitor arms, a keyboard holder for your desk, or storage for all of your papers, Joyce Contract Interiors is here to help you pick out the right accessories for your office. Glassboards or whiteboards are not only useful accessories for an office, but, with a pop of color, they can add a little flair. Privacy and noise reduction can be achieved with privacy screens, glass walls, acoustical panels, phone booths, and/or privacy pods. All of these accessories are available in different sizes and finishes to fit your style.

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Architectural and Glass Walls

Architectural walls and glass walls are demountable and allow any space within your office to be set up as private office space. These spaces offer employees a place to make phone calls, have a small meeting, or work quietly. As glass walls are not permanent structures, they can be relocated or reconfigured easily.

Phone Booths

Phone booths can create privacy in an office. They can increase productivity as they provide quiet workspace and accommodate small-group meetings. Phone booths come in a variety of sizes and styles that fit any company culture.

Privacy Pods

Privacy pods are fun, mobile office spaces that offer employees quiet areas in which to focus. Due to their mobility, privacy pods are alternatives to meeting rooms and, with multiple pods, can fit more people into a small space while keeping them safe. They come in different sizes and a variety of laminate finishes and fabric colors.


Glassboards are not only versatile, as they allow you to write on them, but they come in a multitude of colors and sizes. Glassboards create a lasting impression in an office, training room, or conference room.


Most popular whiteboards or dry-erase boards are magnetic and are made of either melamine or porcelain. Whichever material you choose, make sure that you select a high-quality board that will not retain or ghost previous text or show shadows or smear marks. Whiteboards can be standalone boards or they can be used within a cubicle panel or under a desk overhead. Mobile whiteboards are excellent additions to training rooms or conference rooms; they are available with whiteboards on two sides.

Upmount/Privacy Screens

When you work in an office with a collaborative environment, screens can be added to an existing desk or workstation to provide privacy. Privacy screens are available in a variety of heights and widths to fit any desk. They are constructed in glass, polycarbonate, fabric, markerboard, or laminate.

Acoustical Panels

The modern office’s open concept has many positive collaborative attributes, but the acoustical challenges of that space make acoustical panels more important than ever. Acoustical panels come in many shape and sizes and have multiple purposes. Whether you are looking to reduce noise with flat panels that affix to a wall or want acoustical panels that are mobile and can divide up a space, or even acoustical baffles that hang from the ceiling to absorb noise, there is an application for everyone.

File and Storage Pedestals

The most common file storage pedestals are box/box/file pedestals and file/file pedestals. These storage pedestals can be standalone, fixed under a worksurface, or mobile. Mobile pedestals are available with a cushion on top to add a splash of color to any office. Double pedestals provide guest seating.

Keyboards Holders

Keyboard holders can be mounted under a worksurface. They offer ergonomic options such as moveable mouse pads, padded wrist supports, and tilt adjustments.

Monitor Arms

Monitor arms are a valuable part of an ergonomic set-up if you work for long periods of time at your desk. Positioning monitors properly can prevent back and neck pain. The most popular monitor arms are either single monitor arms or dual monitor arms, but some arms can accommodate up to four monitors.

monitor arm

Joyce Contract Interiors can help you choose office accessories to best meet your needs. We offer many different ergonomic and state-of-the-art acessories to increase productivity, streamline, and organize your workspace. We showcase a few different accessories above, but we can also help you with any office accessory or ergonomic needs. Call us with your questions and let us know how we can help you.

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