Office Accessories: Architectural and Glass Walls and Phone Booth/Privacy Pods

Even as open collaboration space has increased in popularity, many companies have begun to see a decrease in productivity and a rise in discontent expressed by employees. Workers have stated that these changes have adversely impacted concentration and the ability to get work done. Some employees feel that creativity and attention span are greatly affected in open-collaboration environments and these changes are detrimental to getting the job done. Employees miss the privacy, a place to call their own, and the ability to have a phone conversation without worrying about people overhearing.

Because of this discontent, the inclusion of architectural and glass walls, as well as phone booth/privacy pods, is on the rise in office space design. Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our sale teams at 978-251-2226 or email sales@joycecontract.com to learn more about our walls and phone booths, and which might work for your company.


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