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​Reception chairs

Reception chairs play a huge role in a company’s image and branding. Most companies have an open reception area, so what do guests, clients, and new hires focus on? Your reception furniture. Technology and new-age companies typically use modern, sleek furniture to communicate that they are on the cutting edge. Manufacturing companies are often in a transitional mode between hi-tech and tradition. Traditional furniture can be seen in many professional offices, such as insurance, medical, and legal offices.


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Reception chair styles

To choose reception chairs that would be a good fit for your office, consider the people who visit the office. For example, we typically recommend reception chairs made out of a plastic, or vinyl material for medical offices, as they are easy to wipe down and keep clean. There is a variety of wood and laminate finishes for the bases of chairs. Chairs also come in a wide selection of fabric colors and patterns. Consider the color of the area’s rug or hardwood floor, paint, reception desk, and lighting in selecting fabric finishes. Some reception chairs can swivel.

Some offices opt for individual chairs, typically with a wood frame and upholstered back and seat. Other options include no upholstering or upholstering just the seat or back. We also have clients who prefer to make things “homier” or like a “resimercial” look, choosing a couch or benching set-up. Couches can have a variety of back heights and sizes. They can seat 2 people or up to 10 or 12 people.

Reception chair features

There are also a variety of bases for reception chairs, including sled bases, swivel bases, four-legged base, round bases, pronged bases, and 4-star bases. A feature we like to recommend is Auto-Return to Center. This feature means that when a guest gets up from a swivel chair, the chair swivels back to a center position. In this way, all of the chairs in the lobby look uniform.

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