Cafeteria chairs and cafe seating

​Cafeteria chairs

Cafeteria chairs are designed as comfortable seating for employees taking a break away from their desks to have lunch and, often, to socialize with other employees. Cafeteria chairs are durable and stackable, which makes them easy to store or move around.

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Cafeteria chair colors and materials

Cafeteria chairs come in a variety of colors and patterns. Most chairs have vibrant color options that can really add to the overall theme of your décor.

Many chairs re made from plastic or polyurethane, which allows them to be cleaned and wiped down easily. These materials also keep the chairs from being stained by food and drink spills. Often, chairs are available with a laminate seat. Laminate is another material and style option that is easy to keep clean.

Depending on the brand of cafeteria chair you select, there may be an option to add a cushion to the seat for comfort. We recommend vinyl cushions, as vinyl is an easy material to clean and is not likely to stain. A vinyl cushion is also a terrific way to add a pop of color or tie into your overall design theme.

Cafeteria chair styles

Traditionally, cafeteria chairs came in a standard 17” height. However, we have seen that height shift through the years. Many cafeterias now are designed with a mix of standard-height, bar-height, and booth-style seating. The type of seating you choose depends on budget, size of the space, and the desired design result; however, a mix is usually the best option. Booth-style seating is similar to a typical restaurant booth. A cushioned seat and back provide comfort. Booth-style seating offers a nice break for employees looking to unwind and feel like there are not at work while they are on their breaks. We recommend vinyl fabric for booth-style seating to avoid staining. Booth-style seating is usually 17” high, the standard height of a chair. High-top tables and matching chairs can also break up an everyday cafeteria, making it more of a fun space. Adding high-top tables for 4-8 people encourages employees to enjoy their lunches and feel like they are getting a break from the workday. These chairs usually have a seat height of 30”. They come in high-back, mid-back, low-back, or no-back (stool) options.

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