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Looking to redesign or update your office but not exactly sure what you are looking for?

Below are some examples of our manufacturer’s products as well as some of our recent projects to give you some ideas. All of the furniture can be customized to fit your needs. Don’t need the file storage, not a problem. Would like to add additional seats one of the below benching units, that can be done. Would like the finishes to match your company’s colors, there are many finishes to choose from. I love the design, just wish it could be a little larger or smaller, absolutely we can help you with that. Don’t quite see what you are looking for, which you could combine 2 of the units to make 1, our designers can help put your vision into action. Please give us a call to see how we can help you create the workspace that will work for your company and help your employees to be more productive. 

#305 – 2 person workstation

#307 – Sweep Desk with Panels

#310 – 4 person workstations

#312 – Office with 2 workstations

#315 – Telemarketing cubes

#319 – Reception Desk

#322 – 6 person workstations

#239 – Global River Lounge Seating

Office Cubicle Workstations co-op meeting space semi-private furniture modular booths
Office Cubicles Workstations open office collaborations desk co-op lounge break out areas
Office Cubicles Workstations ancillary furniture sofa lounge chairs
Office Cubicle Workstations simple design office meeting room open conference furniture
Office Cubicle Workstations contemporary office seating open conference mobile ottomans
Office Cubicles Workstations lounge chairs sofas break out areas lounge collaborative
Collaborative Ancilliary Areas meeting space wood table top work cafes
Collaborative Ancilliary Areas collaboration furniture high chair white table meeting contemporary table
Collaborative Ancillary Areas rounded semi-circle sofa wicker
Collaborative Ancilliary Areas meeting space hallway lounge chairs tables nooks

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