Ergonomic office chair for office desks

Ergonomic chairs

 Your ergonomic chair is one of the most important tools you can own. An ergonomic chair is a chair that has been designed to best support your human body considering posture, comfort, support, and overall health. Whether you work from home, work in the office, or work in a hybrid of the two, you probably spend 7-11 hours in your chair. Here at Joyce Contract Interiors, Inc. we consider an ergonomic chair to be ergonomically correct when it offers a variety of  features or options. We work with clients in our showroom to educate them about ergonomic chairs and help them select the ergonomic chair that fits them best. Contact us to set up a showroom appointment.

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Ergonomic chair for back support

Back angle adjustment adjusts the angle of the back of the chair
Pneumatic seat-height adjustment, allows the seat to be raised or lowered depending on your height so that your feet are flat on the floor at all times, without any gaps
Ratchet back adjustment lets the seat back be adjusted to various heights for maximum comfort
Lumbar support is offered through a thick pad that sits at the base of the backrest and conforms to the curve in your spine

Tilting ergonomic chair

Forward tilt lock adjusts the angle of the seat either up or down
Chair tilt lock locks the tilt function so that the chair stays in an upright position
Chair tilt tension balances your weight so that the chair can be tilted easily
Synchronized tilt adjusts the tilt tension and the back/seat at the same time
Multi-tilter provides forward and rearward tilt for mobility
Swivel tilt allows you to swivel in both directions, left or right, as well as tilt back

Ergonomic arm chair and Seat Features

Adjustable arms can be height-adjustable and/or width-adjustable, with or without sliding armrests
Seat sliders adjust the length of the seat to accommodate various leg lengths

Ergonomic chair- Joyce Contract Interiors

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