Modern Office Chairs 

Your office chair, whether you work from home or go into your company’s office, is the most important piece of equipment for you to choose, aside from your computer. Think about your workday and the 6, 8, or 10 hours that you sit in your chair. You should look for an office chair that provides comfort and support and that is ergonomically correct for you. Your office chair should have adjustments that support your individual needs. Look for flexibility and for features that let you lower and raise the chair’s height, back height, tension, and angle—as well as for a sliding seat pan that changes the seat depth. Arm width and height should also be adjustable. Think of your office chair as a tool designed to increase your productivity.

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Modern office chair

Modern office chairs are contemporary in design. They are made of environmentally conscious materials of the highest grade. Leather and stainless steel are popular materials for modern office chairs.

Reclining office chair

A reclining office chair is designed and built to incline to any position between 90 degrees, which is considered sitting, and 150 degree, which is considered lounging. Comfort and relaxation are the goals of this chair.

Mesh Chair

Mesh chairs have become very popular because of the breathability that the mesh offers, allowing air to flow and working to cool and regulate your body temperature. There are many fun mesh colors available.

Task Office Chair

Task chairs are designed to combine ergonomic features with comfort, letting you make adjustments as you spend long hours at work. These chairs are the most popular chairs for computer and other task-related work.

Office Stool

Office stools are designed for non-traditional desk heights. There are stools that are built for drafting and stools that are developed for medical and industrial settings (i.e. a machine shop). Counter-height stools are popular in collaborative areas, while bar-height stools are generally used in café areas.

Cafeteria Chair

A cafeteria chair is high- density seating that is both comfortable and durable. Cafeteria chair models are available armless or with arms. They are typically made of polypropylene or wood with metal or chrome bases. Washability is a key feature with this type of chair, especially important in the COVID-19 environment.

Conference Room Chair

Conference room chairs are typically passive ergonomic chairs, designed so that you can sit comfortably for extended periods of time. Features are scaled down from a task chair to a simpler swivel-tilt and pneumatic lift. These chairs can either have a fixed leg or are on casters. When it comes to back height, there are three options: high-back, medium-back or low-back. Conference room chairs can be upholstered in a variety of ways—with fabric, vinyl, mesh, or leather.

Executive Chair

Executive chair is the term used to describe a chair that shows authority and strength. The “boss’s chair” is a premium, high-back, comfortable chair. Fewer ergonomic features with more passive ergonomics instead are key characteristics.

Ergonomic Chair

An ergonomic chair has been designed to best support the human body, with consideration for posture, comfort, support, and health. There are 16 typical functions available to help you adjust your chair. These include: tension, tilt-lock, seat height, back height, seat depth, forward-seat angles, back angle, arm height, knee-tilt, synchro-tilt, waterfall seat edge, contoured cushion, vibrating seat and back, width-adjustable arms, arm rotation, and center tilt.

Guest Chair

A guest chair is typically designed with a 4-leg or sled base. The upholstery can be fabric, mesh, leather, wood, or polypropylene. This chair is usually simple in design and of a smaller scale. A guest chair comes with or without arms.

Reception Chair

A reception chair is probably one of the most important chairs in an office, as it makes a statement about your company. You can communicate the company brand with furniture as well as with colors or other messaging. A reception chair makes the first impression on your client, new hire, or guests visiting your office.

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