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​Joyce Contract Interiors is known for modern, beautiful, and functional office furniture and for staff members with high-level skills who help you create the perfect design for an office of any size. Our designers explain the myriad of furniture and design options, suggesting combinations and solutions that respect your budget and professional brand. If you are looking to furnish a new space, or refurnish or repurpose existing space, Joyce Contract Interiors has a wide selection of chairs, desks, space delimiters, and other products suited for a range of business purposes. We are happy to guide your decision-making process and will support you until your space is just as you imagined.

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The average cost to lease office space in Woburn is $35.61/sq.ft. annually. That means an office that is 100,000/sq.ft. costs roughly $3.5 million/year. Collaborating with JCI to create a well-designed office space optimizes your investment and saves money for your company.

At JCI, we work with our clients and the visions they have for their offices. We:

  • Listen to our client’s needs and goals;
  • Study/analyze client needs;
  • Develop multiple options considering value, quality, and pricing;
  • Manage design choices with an emphasis on impeccable customer service and follow-through.
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About Joyce Contract Interiors

Joyce Contract Interiors (JCI) is an office furniture dealer and office interior design company. We provide quality office furniture options at value pricing. At JCI, our focus is on design and project management that delivers consistent value to our customers. We don’t “sell.” We listen to our customers to clearly identify their wants and needs. By focusing on proven processes and understanding our customers, we provide plans that work today and work for the future. We provide consistent follow-through while projects are ongoing and consistent customer service afterward.

A company is only as good as its team; the team at Joyce Contract Interiors shares the same vision – a commitment to excellence. We strive to be your one-stop-shop for all of your office furniture needs, including chairs, benching and desking, cubicles, reception and lobby areas, conference rooms, collaborative areas, and accessories. Let our experienced furniture sales team work with you on office design, furniture selection, delivery, and installation.

Here is how we work with you in a few simple steps:

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Step 1:
Contact us for a consultation.

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Step 2:
Schedule an onsite visit to understand your needs.

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Step 3:
Receive our office design and furniture recommendations.

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Step 4:
Finalize your office furniture order.

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Step 5:
Set a date for delivery and installation

Client Success Stories

Vestmark has worked with Joyce Contract for over 10 years. Dan is always willing to help and provide quotes and advice and assist with last-minute requests. He and his team are helpful, courteous, and honest. We look forward to another 10+ years working together!


Ginnette Larsen

Vestmark, Inc.

Janet, you have lived up to your word regarding superior customer service “after the sale.” Thank you for all of your coordination in dealing with our concerns. We did receive the items as you detailed below and we are anticipating the arrival of the hutch doors. We are very pleased with our decision to work with Joyce Contract Interiors, Inc. as we found the quality and service met our high expectations. Again, thank you for the great customer service!


McQuay International

Hi Dan, [we’re] very satisfied. We just moved in and everything seems great so far. I’ll definitely make sure to give you the opportunity to give pricing for any future office furniture/workstation needs that we have, and gladly give your info to any colleagues at other colleges as well.



Stephen Bickerton

Cambridge College

The Joyce Contact Interiors Office

Located in nearby Westford, MA, the JCI office is a short 35-minute drive from most parts of the Woburn area, so it is convenient for us to come to see your office space or for you to visit our showroom. Woburn is a hub for our products and services, making delivery and installation very affordable for clients in the area.

The JCI Team

Our founder Dan Joyce, who was born and raised locally, oversees most projects in the Woburn area. With more than 30 years of experience in office design and furnishing, Dan is more of a project consultant and partner than a salesperson. Your office furniture project will be in the best hands when you work with Dan to bring your vision to life.


   Dan Joyce

Commercial Building Architecture & Office Design

Woburn is a city, nearly at the head of Mystic River Valley, first settled in 1640 near Horn Pond, and officially incorporated in 1642. The area included what is now Woburn, Winchester, Burlington, as well as parts of Stoneham and Wilmington. Each of these towns separated from Woburn starting in 1740. Woburn, was named after Woburn, Bedfordshire and hosted on Nov, 22, 1642 the first religious ordination in the US.

Woburn, MA

Woburn, MA Office Space & Commercial Real Estate Market Summary

(data from About Woburn – City of Woburn (woburnma.gov); http://www.city-data.com/city/Woburn-Massachusetts.html)

The city of Woburn is located just nine miles north of Boston. It is among the oldest cities in the U.S., officially incorporated in 1642. Woburn uses Massachusetts’ mayor-council form of government. It is the only municipality of Massachusetts’ 351 municipalities to refer to members of its City Council as “Alderman.” The rubber and tanning industries, specifically shoe-making, dominated the economy of Woburn from mid 1600s until the Great Depression. The school mascot became the Tanner!

Woburn now includes office and industrial parks along with its residential areas and natural settings. Top economic sectors are health care; professional, scientific, and technical services; educational services; and construction.


2022 Woburn, MA Commercial Office Space Inventory Statistics

  • There is 6,175,391 square feet of office space in Woburn
  • 47,400 square feet was added in 2020
  • The average annual cost to lease office space in Woburn is $36.51 Sq.Ft.

Office Space by Size

By square footage range:

50k to 100k SqFt1,120,637 SqFt19% of total office
100k to 500k SqFt4,201,177 SqFt71.24% of total office
500k to 1M SqFt575,000 SqFt9.75% of total office

Office Space by Class

By class:

Class A+821,000 sq.ft.13.92% of total office
Class A3,488,754 sq.ft.59.16% of total office
Class B186,000 sq.ft.3.15% of total office


Woburn, MA Census Data Highlights

As of the census in 2019-2020, there were 40,297 people in 15,901 households in the city. The per capita income was $45,986 with a median household income of $92,084. The median age in Boston is 39.7 with 51% female. There are 16,718 housing units with 43% of those being multi-unit housing. The median value of owner-occupied housing was $486,600.


Total Number of Housing Units

The Boston-Cambridge-Newtown-NH Metro Area: 1,985,813
Massachusetts: 2,928,818


Percentage of Housing Units Occupied

5% of units are vacant


Percentage of Renter Occupied Units

58% of units are owner occupied


Percentage of Multi-Unit Structures

Other types of structures: Single-unit, mobile home, boat, RV, van, etc. 

Year moved in, by percentage of population:


Before 1990










Since 2017

94.7% of Woburn residents graduated from high school with 47.1% having a bachelor’s degree or higher. Veterans living in town make up 5.5% of the population. 19.2% of residents were born outside of the US with 23.1% living in a household where a resident speaks a language other than English at home.

Additional Statistics About Woburn:

  • Civilians in the labor force age 16+ – 71.2%
  • Population per square mile – 3,017
  • Land area in square miles – 12.64
  • US Senators Elizabeth Warren & Ed Markey
  • Residents who are US citizens – 80.8%

Top occupations in Woburn:

  • Management – 10.3%
  • Office & Administrative – 11%
  • Business & Financial Operations – 6.81%
  • Sales – 9.32%
  • Education – 7.34%
  • Food Preparation & Serving – 7%
  • Health Practitioners – 3.83%
  • Computers and Math – 5.46%
  • Other – 38.94%

Commercial Laws & Regulatory Resources

The following links are some helpful resources to be aware of when planning to open a new office in Woburn. Be aware of zoning, permitting, exterior design guidelines, and more.

Surrounding Areas





Frequently Asked Questions

What happens first: buy office furniture then design the office accordingly, or start with office design, then buy furniture?

We always recommend starting with the office design and work to select furniture that will fit the design, decor, and aesthetics desired.

What is the process for ordering office furniture?

We often get questions about the process of selecting and ordering new workstations or other significant office purchases. To help envision the process, we’ve outlined our basic steps:

  1. We first suggest that our clients take a look at the examples on our website to help them get an idea of the systems they would like to see in their space, offering to answer any questions or make suggestions.
  2. We then communicate with our clients to get a full list of their furniture and accessory needs based on the types of work that is being done in each area. After this discussion, we request a scaled CAD plan of the space in order to test fit and lay out the discussed furnishings. This process allows us to make sure the furniture will fit before it is purchased. Often during this process we will go to the site and perform field measurements to confirm the client’s floor plan.
  3. Once the layout is complete and has been approved by our client, we will create a 3-D visual to help visualize the furnishings within the space. Clients next select their choices of fabric, paint, and laminate colors.
  4. After all of the details have been ironed out, we send an official detailed quote to the client, which needs to be signed and returned before the order can be placed with our manufacturers. We require a 50% deposit on all orders.
  5. After the furniture is ordered, it typically takes about 3-4 weeks, depending on what was ordered, to reach our installer’s warehouse. We will then call and schedule an install date for that week. Upon completion of successful installation, the client will be invoiced the remaining balance.

You may find it helpful to review our Helpful Tips for Office Moves and Installation & Purchasing Office Furniture.

Is office furniture an asset? Should it be depreciated?

Office furniture is an asset and can always be depreciated, but you should consult with your accountant as the tax rules change yearly.

Does office furniture and design affect productivity?

Yes, there are many studies on how a properly designed and outfitted office can enhance productivity.

What is an independent furniture dealer?

As an independent furniture dealer, Joyce Contract Interiors is not tied to any single line of furniture. This is an advantage for our clients because we can pick and choose which manufacturers provide the best deals based on quality, warranties, and price point.

What are some new trends in office design and furniture?

Resi-mercial –  a hybrid incorporating residential and office furniture in the same setting, Open office and open collaboration office furniture. Hotel and office is another combination trend. 

How does office design differ from interior design?

Office design is space planning and setting up the office in a workflow while interior design is more aesthetics IE colors, rugs, imaging.

How should you approach office design for the hybrid workforce?

It is dependent on the philosophy of the company and is taken on a case by case basis. Some companies may want employees to return and have their own desk while others may leave more collaboration space for employees who do not come to the office as often. 

What is the difference between Benching and Cubicles?

As a general overview, cubicles are panel-based workstations that provide the most privacy from other employees; benching has either no or minimal panels and provides an open-style row of desks meant to encourage collaboration.

Cubicles can come in many sizes and configurations depending on the client’s needs. Panels come in 39″, 47″, 53″, 67″, and 85″ heights, comprised of fabric, glass, and whiteboard finishes.

Benching or desking is typically used in smaller workspace configurations and can measure anywhere from 3′ to 7′. If privacy is needed, privacy screens with heights of 8″ to 24″ can be added.

Who are some of the top office furniture manufacturers?

AIS/Partsco, Global Office Furniture, Friant, Open Plan Systems, Logiflex to name a few of the top of the line producers.

What is a Privacy Screen?

Privacy screens (also known as privacy panels) are used as dividers between workstations to define boundaries and give employees both privacy and improved acoustics. They can come in fabric, lexan glass, laminate, and whiteboard finishes, and are available in many sizes to fit almost any workstation.

What is modular office furniture?

Modular office furniture is furniture that can be easily moved and reconfigured.

What are some new trends in office design and furniture?

Resi-mercial –  a hybrid incorporating residential and office furniture in the same setting, Open office and open collaboration office furniture. Hotel and office is another combination trend.