Conference room chairs and seating

Conference room chairs

Conference room chairs have a style all their own. Typically, they have fixed arms and passive ergonomics, which means they have very few ergonomic adjustments. These chairs are designed to provide comfort, while creating an image of prestige and professionalism that leaves a lasting impression on clients and guests. Conference room chairs are available in modern, traditional, or leather styles that match your existing office furniture and complement your company’s branding. Since conference room chairs are in a shared space, they must adapt well to various-sized users and be extremely comfortable; people may sit in conference room chairs for a few hours or for an all-day meeting.

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Conference room chair – Back size

Conference room chairs, also referred to as executive boardroom chairs, come in a mid-back, high-back or low-back style. A mid-back conference room chair supports your lower and middle back naturally, helping you sit straight. A high-back conference room chair supports your upper back, shoulders, and neck. Overall, the chair is larger than many other conference room chairs. A headrest can be added to a high-back chair. A low-back conference room chair is smaller and compact, is generally on casters, and often has a nesting feature. This type of low-back chair is for a more casual conference room.

Conference room chair material

Conference room chairs are often thought of as oversized, luxurious, leather chairs with wooden frames. These impressive chairs are typically seen in law offices or large accounting firms. In fact, conference room chairs come in a variety of textile finishes. They can be fully upholstered (in fabric, vinyl, or leather) with a metal 5-star base, or with a mesh back and a fully fabric upholstered seat (in fabric, vinyl, or leather).

Conference room chair features

As this type of chair has passive ergonomics, there are generally few features.

  • Pneumatic seat-height adjustment allows the seat to be raised or lowered depending on your height so that your feet are flat on the floor at all times, without any gaps
  • Chair tilt lock locks the tilt function so that the chair stays in an upright position
  • Swivel tilt allows you to swivel in both directions, left or right, as well as tilt back
  • Arms are generally fixed upholstered arms or fixed metal-loop arms

How Many Chairs Can You fit Around a Conference Room Table?

A typical conference room chair is about 22″. As a rule, you should leave 4″ on either side of the chair. Expect to allocate 30″ for each chair. A general rule is:

Number of chairs = table size or circumference / (width of chair + 8″)

For example, if you have a 60″ x 36″ table, the 60″ side would allow 1-2 chairs and the 36″ side would allow only 1 chair, giving a total of 4-6 chairs at that table. Note that with round or oval tables you can generally add an extra chair to this calculation.

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