Office stool for tall desks, drafting, rotating with wheels

Offices Stools

There are many different kinds of stools that can be incorporated into the office space. They come in a variety of sizes, styles, and materials, and have multiple uses. There are stools for every height and function. Some of them are described below.

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Drafting office stool

A drafting stool is basically a task chair with a higher base. Drafting stools have silver circular bars wrapping around the bottom to be used as a footrest. They come in leather, mock leather, and mesh. These stools are often used by someone working at a height-adjustable table. The stool can be adjusted to fit the table height. They are also used by people working at a bar-height workstation.

Swivel office stools

Swivel stools are similar to stools that you see in a doctor’s office. They provide a lot of mobility and flexibility, and are smaller in size. Typically, the only adjustment swivel stools have is height.

Bar-height office stools

Bar-height stools are 42” high. Depending on their intended use, they are made from a variety of materials, including fabric, polypropylene, and wood. Many bar-height stools come with a variety of height options for the back. There are no-height, low-height, mid-height, and full-back options. The height you want often depends on your décor style and the setting where you are using the stools.

Often, wooden bar-height stools have the option to add upholstery. You can choose between fabric or vinyl. Vinyl is recommended for settings where people will be eating and drinking, as vinyl is easier to keep clean. There are a variety of finishes for wooden bar-height stools.

Polypropylene bar-height stools come in a variety of brightly colored finishes. They also have the option to add an upholstered seat cushion. Many bar-height poly chairs can be armless or have arms added. Most bar-height stools have a steel-rod frame, often with a front cross bar for a footrest. Many of these stools have another great feature: they can be stacked so that they can be stored easily.

Counter-height office stools

Counter-height stools vary in height from 34” – 36” high. Similar to bar-height stools, there are fabric, wood, and polypropylene options. Counter-height stools also come in a variety of back heights: no-back, low-back, mid-back, and high-back. Polypropylene and wooden stools often have the option to add upholstery. Clients like this option, as it can add a pop of color. Most counter-height stools can be either armless or with arms. Most of the time, counter-height stools have a front cross bar for a footrest. Like bar-height stools, counter-height stools are very each to stack so that they take up less space in storage.

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