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Height Adjustable Desks

Modern-day Americans spend as much as 90% of the day sitting. Combined, too much sitting and too little movement can cause weight gain, reduced metabolic rate, backaches, and tension. Height-adjustable office desks have been growing in popularity for a number of years because they provide a practical and healthy solution to the problem of excess sitting. Alternating between sitting and standing, an employee can burn more calories, relieve back strain, and increase productivity.

Height-adjustable office desks range in size from 24″x48″ to 30″x72″. Casters are available on straight height-adjustable desk. Contact us to find the size(s) that will work best in your office.

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What Are the Ergonomic Benefits of a Height-Adjustable Desk?

A sedentary workstyle is an unhealthy one. A study from the American Cancer Society has shown a direct correlation between the amount of time people spend sitting and mortality rates.

Scientists, physicians, and health researchers agree: height-adjustable desks are good for your body. There are many advantages to combining sitting and standing postures during the work day, including:

  • Increased energy, productivity, and stamina
  • Decreased back and neck pain
  • Elimination of carpal tunnel issues
  • Weight-gain prevention – standing burns 2 to 3 times as many calories as sitting
  • Reduction in heart disease and cancer risks
  • Improved blood circulation

Height-Adjustable Bases

There are a number of different height-adjustable bases that are available. Most come with a keypad that is programmable with memory for 3-4 customized heights. Some come with a reminder function to help you stay on track with your standing goals.

Single Base

A single height-adjustable base is a perfect solution for any office with a small footprint. They can be used in a small area or in the corner of a room. They can also be used with a round, square, or curved corner worksurface.

2-stage Straight Base

These 2-stage straight height-adjustable bases are available with either a T-leg or a C-leg base. They can accommodate a straight worksurface from 24-36” deep by 42-84” wide. Base height ranges from 27.2” to 46.5”.

3-stage Straight Base

The 3-stage straight height-adjustable base is the same as the 2-stage straight height-adjustable base, except that its height has a wider range, from 23.6” to 49.2”

90-degree 3-stage Base

This type of height-adjustable base is used for a large workstation with an L-shape worksurface. The entire worksurface goes up at the same time.

Extended L Shapes Adjustable Desk

This height-adjustable base is used with an extended corner worksurface to create either a left or right corner table with an extended top that is typically static.



120 Degree 3 Person Desking with 14" ribbed lexan privacy screens

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