Training Room Tables

Training room tables

Training room tables are reconfigurable tables, usually on casters so that they are easy to move. These tables fit several people for a learning or presentation type of environment. While most training tables come only in a rectangular shape, it is also possible to add a trapezoid or keystone to the configuration to create a wedge-like shape for presentations and rooms with a TV. Training room tables typically have different shaped legs from standard, everyday tables. Y legs or spider legs keep the tables stable when they are freestanding or being moved but unobtrusive when joined they are with another table. Training room tables are simple because of their specific use, but there are still several features to explore.

Training rooms are also referred to as meeting rooms, because they allow for meetings without becoming a distraction to the rest of the office. ​Following are some examples of training room furniture. We also offer a wide selection of task chairs and guest seating. Contact us if you have any specific needs or help designing your office training area.

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Flip-top training room table

Since many training rooms are multi-purpose, offices often need to be able to flip the tabletops up for ease of relocation (in addition to casters). There are many flip-top tables that are also nesting tables. This means that the tables fit into each other snugly, condensing for small storage spaces or making it easier to push to the side without taking up a lot of room. Flip-top and nesting tables are great space-saving design features.

Training room table with power

Because training can often require the use of laptops or other technological devices, power options can be added into the table. Adding receptacles and USB, data ports, HDMI ports, etc. provides power for each individual at the table and makes it possible for people to share learning material with colleagues via a laptop, as opposed to having to share one central power unit with the whole room.

Training room table accessories

Accessories can be added to training room tables. Some options include modesty panels for privacy, simple to use under-desk power management for daisy-linked power, and ganging brackets to join tables together in different configurations. While most offices choose to have casters on their training room tables, you can also forego casters if you do not plan to move the tables much.

We also offer additional training room accessories such as:

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