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Contemporary office furniture

We provide a wide selection of contemporary office furniture, offering a broad range of styles and premium laminate and/or wood finishes to fit your taste and decor. Desks can be purchased as single units or as part of executive office collections, which often include features such as lateral files, hutches, credenzas, and bookcases.

Executive office furniture

Executive desks are common in large private offices or large home offices—places that have a lot of open space. Traditionally, these are large desks with multiple box/box/file pedestals underneath for filing paperwork and office supplies. Executive desks are usually found in high-level staff offices, where they are able to concentrate. An executive desk makes a statement, beautifully crafted and giving an office a traditional look. Executive desks can be made of wood or laminate, material that can handle frequent use.

Modern office furniture

Modern office furniture combines both the beauty and functionality that will work for any size office project. Contact our office furniture design team and let them help you design your office with updated modern office furniture. They will recommend and help you navigate all the different office furniture designs; whether you are looking for cubicles, benching or private desks to find just the right for your office.

Modern home office furniture

Contact our home office furniture design team to get you the right furniture for your home office with the top experts in  Massachusetts.

Do you offer new and used office furniture?

Yes, we carry over 150 lines of new furniture, while used furniture is purchased on a case by case basis.

Does office furniture and design affect productivity?

Yes, there are many studies on how a properly designed and outfitted office can enhance productivity.

What happens first: buy office furniture then design the office accordingly, or start with office design, then buy furniture?

We always recommend starting with the office design and work to select furniture that will fit the design, decor, and aesthetics desired.

Is office furniture an asset? Should it be depreciated?

Office furniture is an asset and can always be depreciated, but you should consult with your accountant as the tax rules change yearly.

What is ergonomic office furniture?

Ergonomic furniture is furniture designed and manufactured to work with the human body. There is also passively designed ergonomic furniture which is designed with less controls.

What is modular office furniture?

Modular office furniture is furniture that can be easily moved and reconfigured.

What are some new trends in office design and furniture?

Resi-mercial –  a hybrid incorporating residential and office furniture in the same setting, Open office and open collaboration office furniture. Hotel and office is another combination trend.

How has COVID impacted office furniture and design?

Covid has resulted in differing mindsets of office space utilizations: Fully remote, Hybrid model, and full in person return. 

Covid has also resulted in supply-chain issues resulting in longer shipping times and increased prices.

How should you approach office design for the hybrid workforce?

It is dependent on the philosophy of the company and is taken on a case by case basis. Some companies may want employees to return and have their own desk while others may leave more collaboration space for employees who do not come to the office as often.

Should our office design and furniture be an open layout?

Marketing, sales and creative departments, are typically in a more open and collaborative space 

Finance, HR, engineering, and accounting, are typically behind closed doors or at private work spaces

What is the difference between Benching and Cubicles?

As a general overview, cubicles are panel-based workstations that provide the most privacy from other employees; benching has either no or minimal panels and provides an open-style row of desks meant to encourage collaboration.

Cubicles can come in many sizes and configurations depending on the client’s needs. Panels come in 39″, 47″, 53″, 67″, and 85″ heights, comprised of fabric, glass, and whiteboard finishes.

Benching or desking is typically used in smaller workspace configurations and can measure anywhere from 3′ to 7′. If privacy is needed, privacy screens with heights of 8″ to 24″ can be added.

What is the process for ordering office furniture?

We often get questions about the process of selecting and ordering new workstations or other significant office purchases. To help envision the process, we’ve outlined our basic steps:

  1. We first suggest that our clients take a look at the examples on our website to help them get an idea of the systems they would like to see in their space, offering to answer any questions or make suggestions.
  2. We then communicate with our clients to get a full list of their furniture and accessory needs based on the types of work that is being done in each area. After this discussion, we request a scaled CAD plan of the space in order to test fit and lay out the discussed furnishings. This process allows us to make sure the furniture will fit before it is purchased. Often during this process we will go to the site and perform field measurements to confirm the client’s floor plan.
  3. Once the layout is complete and has been approved by our client, we will create a 3-D visual to help visualize the furnishings within the space. Clients next select their choices of fabric, paint, and laminate colors.
  4. After all of the details have been ironed out, we send an official detailed quote to the client, which needs to be signed and returned before the order can be placed with our manufacturers. We require a 50% deposit on all orders.
  5. After the furniture is ordered, it typically takes about 3-4 weeks, depending on what was ordered, to reach our installer’s warehouse. We will then call and schedule an install date for that week. Upon completion of successful installation, the client will be invoiced the remaining balance.

You may find it helpful to review our Helpful Tips for Office Moves and Installation & Purchasing Office Furniture.

How long will it take for us to receive the furniture?

Typical lead times are about 4-8 weeks depending on what you are purchasing. Some products may be ordered and received faster as part of a quick ship program, but in those cases the types of furniture and finish options may be more limited.

What is the cost to get my product delivered?

Delivery costs are calculated by our installers based on many factors: the amount of product being ordered, the location to which it is being delivered, whether or not the building has a loading dock or an elevator, whether the building is union or non-union, and if the delivery can be done during regular business hours or if it needs to be done on overtime.

Because each job is different, it is best to call and get a quote from one of our knowledgeable salespeople. (Note that because of the complexities involved, getting a quote may take a few days.)

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