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Does your team need more privacy in the office?

Does your team need more privacy in the office? Research supports the idea that noisy offices are detrimental to productivity. People sometimes need a little privacy, which is why phone booths are an important component of any office design.

Office booths allow your employees to make calls, work on projects, and join online meetings without disruption. Phone booths also provide efficient and economic private space when employees need to take a break from an open office environment. They are also sometimes referred to as meeting rooms.

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Office Phone Booth Buyer’s Guide

This buyer’s guide discusses the specifics of office privacy booths and how they can benefit your workplace. The guide provides tips on what to consider in choosing an office booth for your business. It includes an overview of the types of office booths that are available on the market, highlighting some key benefits.

What Is an Office Phone or Privacy Booth?

Office phone booths, also known as booths or call boxes, are small one- or two-person cubicles that may be used as talk boxes to escape the noise and bustle of a busy office setting. Typically, these booth cubicles contain a desk, a chair, and the connectivity for a desktop computer and other electronic accessories. Sometimes these cubicles also come equipped with a whiteboard or corkboard to facilitate collaboration.

What Are the Benefits, and Why Are They Important?

Several benefits result from investing in an office phone booth for your business. These cubicles let employees collaborate more efficiently or access and utilize space that creates the comfortable silence necessary for productivity.


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Office booths offer employees space to make calls without being interrupted or distracted by the noise around them. In open-plan offices, it can be challenging to make a phone call without being overheard by others. The soundproofing in office booths allows employees to have confidential conversations without worrying about interruptions or eavesdropping.

Improve Productivity

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Research shows that noise pollution in the workplace may lead to a decrease in productivity for approximately 69% of employees globally. When employees are constantly interrupted, it is challenging to focus and get work done. By investing in an office booth, you can provide a space where employees escape the noise and be productive.

Sleek, Efficient Use of Space

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An office phone pod is a sleek and efficient use of space in modern offices. Booths or pods don’t take up much room and can be placed almost anywhere in the office, making them ideal for small businesses or businesses with limited space. While open office plans serve their purpose, sometimes they create more distractions than they eliminate. Privacy booths offer employees the necessary privacy without sacrificing the benefits of an open office plan.

What Are Some Top Uses for Office Phone and Privacy Booths?

There are several different ways that businesses can use office phone booths. Fortunately, office booths are customizable and can be outfitted to serve various purposes. Privacy booths fall into specific categories, each designed to fit a different purpose.

Here are some of the most popular uses for office phone booths:

Phone calls or conference calls

Office phone booths offer space to make private phone calls or hold confidential conference calls.

Meetings or collaborations

Soundproofing allows employees to focus on tasks without interruptions from outside noise.

Working with no distractions

Sometimes employees need to escape the bustle of the office and focus intensely on work. Booths let employees avoid distractions and focus on critical tasks.

Employee work breaks

Employees can also use office phone booths for work breaks. They offer a brief respite, an opportunity to relax for a few minutes.

Working on sensitive material

Employees can use booths to work on sensitive material that must be kept confidential, such as accounts for medical billing purposes.

Types of Office Booths & Pods

The workplace pod offers additional functionality to an open-floor office, providing an intimate work environment that cannot otherwise be found in that space. A pod can be reserved for an employee or a group of communal pods can be set up so that individuals can choose to use one. The specifications of an essential phone pod and an office pod sometimes differ.

Phone Booth / Pod

Phone Booth in office

Phone booths come in all shapes and sizes. They have a small footprint and can be placed almost anywhere in the office; these booths are ideal for phone or conference calls. Phone booths are cost-effective and flexible, advantages with limited space.

Meeting Booth / Pod

Meeting booth in office

Meeting booths are larger than phone booths and can accommodate more people, making them the best option for meetings or collaborations. These booths can accommodate 2-3 employees depending on specific needs. Usually highly customizable, they keep discussions private and help facilitate a creative environment.

UV Phone Booths

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UV phone booths kill germs and bacteria, which is why you find these booths in hospitals or other medical facilities. In office settings, they utilize the latest ultraviolet technology and military-grade sensors that allow the booth to disinfect itself. UV phone booths are an excellent way to disinfect and to deactivate bacteria and harmful pathogens, including the COVID-19 virus.

Exam Pod / Focus Room

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Exam pods are designed for universities or medical offices; these booths offer students space to take exams without the distraction of outside noise. In the medical profession, the pods have state-of-the-art negative pressure HEPA filtration, UV germicidal irradiation, hospital-grade flooring, and medical-grade finishes. These booths provide a safe and sterile environment for patients, students, and employees.

Custom / Modular

These phone booths allow for personalization and easy adaptation to specific employee requirements. Employees may also enjoy adjustable workstations, varying configurations, and the choice of a sit-stand desk, all of which allow individuals to create their own offices.

Top Office Phone Booth Brands

The workplace pod offers additional functionality to an open-floor office, providing an intimate work environment that cannot otherwise be found in that space. A pod can be reserved for an employee or a group of communal pods can be set up so that individuals can choose to use one. The specifications of an essential phone pod and an office pod sometimes differ.


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Cubicall offers modern office phone booth/privacy pods as an efficient solution. These booths and pods help increase productivity and morale by providing small offices and common spaces that can be used by employees for privacy and as a place to focus. Phone booths can be customized to fit your company’s aesthetic. These phone booths, unlike many of their competitors, can also be tied into a building’s sprinkler system.

Element Contract

Element Contract

Element Studio Pods, are designed to meet the diverse needs of today’s modern workplaces. With four sizes available, you can choose the perfect Studio Pod for your specific requirements. Our Solo pod provides a quiet space for private conversations and shorter tasks, ensuring confidentiality and efficiency. Meanwhile, our larger pods are ideal for collaborative meetings and focused work, fostering creativity and productivity. Elevate your office experience with Element Studio Pods – where privacy, versatility, and contemporary design come together to create the ultimate workspace solution.


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Zonez has been building privacy suites for 30+ years. One of the greatest challenges in creating fully enclosed spaces is providing enough airflow to keep people both healthy and comfortable. The Zonez privacy suites have a proprietary in-wall intake and exhaust airflow system to maximize air exchanges and comfort. The system pulls in fresh, cool air and exhausts hot air, creating enough air movement to keep employees who use the suites comfortable. The state-of-the-art airflow system includes an air purification system that uses true HEPA filters; UV-C light can be added.

Privacy Pod Modern Amenities

A common misconception about office phone booths is that they lack modern amenities. However, most privacy pods come equipped with features designed to make the work experience more comfortable, efficient, and enjoyable for employees. Some of the most common features include:

electrical icon


Booths can have outlets, USB ports, and task lighting.

ventilation icon


Fresh and clean air quality in the booth is ensured by using standalone air purifiers or recirculating the air in the booth.

data plug icon

Data Plugs

Data access lets employees connect their laptops or other devices easily.

sprinkler icon


In the event of a fire, sprinklers are designed to keep the occupants of the booth safe. They may not be required for every area.

While these features are not all essential, they are certainly nice touches that show employees that their comfort and well-being are a priority for the company. These workspaces should be able to replace an office space; therefore, they should function as a complete office and include all necessities.

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