Mesh chairs

The first mesh chair was designed and developed in the early 1990s. The chair was built with mesh material that provides full body support and adjusts to temperature changes to keep the user cool and comfortable. The mesh allows for air circulation between the body and the chair seat and back. When they are used for extended periods of time, fabric, leather, and vinyl chair surfaces accumulate heat. A mesh chair offers space and free-flowing air, making it easier for users’ skin to breathe.

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History of the Mesh Chair

The first mesh chair was built by Herman Miller and named the Aeron chair. During the dot-com technology boom era most start-up companies craved this chair, as it was seen as a status symbol and symbol of success. The chair has been remarkably successful, with its one drawback its expensive price tag. Soon after the Aeron chair appeared on the scene, many manufacturers, including Steelcase, Knoll, Haworth, Humanscale, 9 to 5 Seating, Allsteel, HON, and Global, have developed their own unique mesh chairs.

Mesh chair colors

In the past few years and with technological improvements, mesh chairs have gone from a simple black to offering color options, including grey, burgundy, blue, and orange, to name a few. Mesh chairs can even be made in a combination of colors—or stripes.

Mesh chair features

While mesh chairs belong to the ergonomic chair category, the unique support, comfort, and coolness of the mesh makes these chairs superior to chairs with fabric, leather, or vinyl surfaces.

Some common features are:

  • Synchronized tilt adjusts the tilt tension and the back/seat at the same time
  • Multi-tilter provides forward and rearward tilt for mobility
  • Pneumatic seat-height adjustment allows the seat to be raised or lowered depending on your height so that your feet are flat on the floor at all times, without any gaps
  • Ratchet back adjustment lets the seat back be adjusted to various heights for maximum comfort
  • Adjustable arms can either be height-adjustable and/or width-adjustable and with or without sliding armrests
  • Swivel tilt allows you to swivel in both directions, left or right, as well as tilt back
  • Seat sliders adjust the length of the seat to accommodate various leg lengths
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