Side chairs and guest seating

Guest/Side Chairs

Guest or side chairs provide complementary and support seating for offices, workstations, cubicles, lobbies, reception areas, waiting rooms, meeting rooms, training rooms, and conference rooms. There are a wide variety of chairs that fall under the “guest/side chair” category. When someone comes to your office, what will they be doing? Will they be meeting with someone across a desk? Will they be filling out paperwork and sitting next to you? Will they be waiting in a lobby, reception area, or waiting room? Will they be sitting in a training room or conference room area? How someone will use the guest chair will determine which chair is the best chair for your office.

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Office, Workstation, or Cubicle Guest Chairs

Guest chairs in these spaces are generally smaller chairs. They are often positioned next to a desk or across a desk, depending on the engagement of the visitor. If you are looking to bring some fun colors into the office, guest chairs are a great option.

Lobby, Reception Area, or Waiting Room Chairs

These locations are the first areas client see when they come to your office. You want to make the best first impression you can, branding your company. These types of guest chairs are comfortable for visitors who are seated and waiting. There are a variety of different styles for guest chairs. Soft seating (ottomans, club chairs, lounge chairs, sofa) can be found in many office lobby or reception areas. Tandem seating is generally seen in medical offices or offices where multiple people are waiting at the same time. Single, 4-legged guest chairs are the most popular design for waiting rooms, where you need many seats for people who are waiting. These chairs come with or without arms and can have metal or wooden frames. Traditional guest chairs will have a wooden frame and an upholstered seat and back, typical of what you would see in a lawyer’s or accountant’s office. More modern, cutting-edge guest chairs come in a variety of fun colors and fabrics and may have a mesh or upholstered back.

Meeting Room, Training Room, or Conference Room Chairs

Guest chairs for meeting rooms, training rooms, or conference are usually smaller in size and on wheels. A popular feature for this type of chair is the ability to flip/nest, where the chairs flip up and nest into one another (similar to stacking but they nest horizontally). Nesting allows for extra chairs to be pulled into a big meeting and then removed and stored somewhere else.

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