As times change, many companies are striving to become paperless and more computer oriented, making storage space seem like less of a necessity. For certain companies this minimal approach works, but for others some storage is still needed. No matter what your storage needs are we have endless options for you to choose from. Some of the typical storage systems include lateral and vertical file cabinets, wall shelving, overhead storage, credenzas, and under-workstation cabinets. Each has its own features and benefits, which I will explain below.

Lateral files are simple document storage systems which typically come in 2 to 5-drawer configurations. Most are about 18” deep and are available in widths ranging from 30-42”. These are great for offices that need a lot of private file storage space. Vertical file cabinets are deeper (usually 18-26”), but take up less horizontal wall space. Most file cabinets are made from metal, which is durable and paintable, and some units are available with fireproofing to add an extra safety layer. Another version of this style of storage is the tower. These vertical storage units can be configured in multiple ways with standard or file drawers, book shelves, and coat spaces. These are great for personal storage of belongings as well as paperwork.

Wall shelving also comes in multiple configurations such as open-style book shelving, flipper door shelving, and sliding front, to name a few. Overhead storage is an excellent solution for office spaces that don’t have adequate floor space. These units can be secured to the wall above workstations, or can connect directly to a panel system. Open book shelves are great for displaying catalogs and tidying up your workstation. They typically come in widths of 24”-60”. Flipper door units, available with metal or fabric doors, are useful for smaller items and files that may need to be hidden or closed up at night. Sliding-door shelves are the best of both worlds, as they can be left half open, half closed. Personal items and catalogs can be displayed on one side while the other can be locked with important documents.

Credenzas have endless possibilities. They are long shelving units that come in 30”-60” widths in a wood or metal finish. These units can come with file drawers, open shelving, and sliding locked shelves. You can mix and match 30” sections and connect them with a laminate or fabric top, which can also double as extra seating.

Similarly, you can use under-workstation storage such as pedestals. Pedestals are structural or mobile units that typically are placed underneath the work surface. They come in laminate or metal finishes; mobile versions are also available with a cushion top, which doubles as an extra seat. Pedestals usually come in two configurations: box/box/file (two standard drawers stacked with a file drawer), or file/file (two stacked file drawers).

Joyce Contract has many types of storage, including all the ones I have talked about in this post. If you would like to learn more or see our storage options, take a look at our website at joycecontract.com or call us at 978-251-2226 to make an appointment to see them in person!