It’s time for a tune up!

http://www.sweetlivingmagazine.co.nz/is-your-office-desk-a-haven-for-germs/Many people do not realize that as you would tune up your car, you should also tune up your office furniture & cubicles. Think about it, when you purchase a home or a new car you want your investment to stay in good condition so you perform routine maintenance. Office furniture is a large investment that if maintained should last you 5-15 years, so why not be proactive and schedule a yearly service for your furniture? We can help, our installers will come in to your office and make sure your furniture is secure, still aligned, and provide minor repairs at only $55/ an hour per installer.

2 Installers at $55/ an hour is $110 x 8 Hours = $880
Compared to :
1 Plumber at $100/ an hour x 8 Hours = $800 or
1 Electrician at $110/ an hour x 8 Hours = $880

Tuning up your furniture is a smart and affordable investment that will keep your office looking great for years to come. Panel and upholstery cleaning also available!

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