Cafe Tables

As a new generation enters the workforce, there are more steps being taken by real estate and leasing agents to attract the young talent to their buildings. Start-up companies have an increasing demand for spaces that they can walk into, plug in furniture, and be ready to go. This idea is known as the plug-and-play office, and it is giving designers a lot to think about. As the desire for ready-to-go spaces becomes more prevalent, designers are going to need to create office interiors that are appealing to multiple buyers. Although these office environments can be more costly, many architects feel this is the way to go. Companies focused in industries like technology, advertising, media, and informational services are bound to need electrical and data capabilities. By adding these amenities during construction, architects are potentially saving companies time and money, thus making that space more appealing.
This also means that companies will be looking for furniture that can be ordered with a quick turnaround and install time. Luckily, many manufacturers are starting to put together in-stock programs, which promise a 5-10 day turnaround. Although finish selections are limited, companies still have a wide array of options available to them. If you have a tight deadline, give Joyce Contract a call at 978-251-2226, and we will set you up with a design plan and furnishings in a flash!