At Joyce Contract Interiors we pride ourselves on giving our customers the best quality products for great prices. We stay up to date on the latest manufacturers, lines, and products so that we can relay the best information to our clients about products which will ideally fit their needs. As of last week we have added two great manufacturers to our list that we feel will be a great asset to our customers.

AIS (Affordable Interior Systems) is one of the world’s leading commercial furniture dealers. With numerous awards and new product lines coming out each year, it is no wonder that this company has grown so tremendously since its opening in 1989. Our company has partnered with a branch of their company, Partsco, for many years and has had great experiences with their products. After seeing some of their newest lines during our trip to NeoCon East in Baltimore, MD, we decided that becoming an AIS dealer would greatly benefit our clients. AIS has seating, casegoods, and many different configurations of workstation systems that incorporate the latest and greatest workspace technologies. They also provide numerous finish selections so that our clients can customize their offices to fit their needs. One line that caught our eye was the Oxygen, which can be configured in multiple ways to fit a space.

SPS (Speech Privacy Systems) is a leading sound masking company which specializes in localized white noise generation in commercial spaces, allowing those working in close proximity to one another to be able to focus on their tasks without being distracted by extraneous noise. This sound-masking white noise can be music, sounds from nature, or even something as simple as extra airflow, and is generated in low frequencies through noninvasive speakers. This simple system can be installed in both the ceiling and walls and is ideal for open floor plan offices. The system can be run through existing Ethernet lines, and can double as a paging system. What makes this product so spectacular is its configurability, which is why we’re happy to say we are now not only partnering with SPS, we are also working to install their system in our own office space.

As we continue to grow and new products lines become available, we aim to stay as up to date as possible to provide you with everything you may need for your commercial space. We strive to be your one-stop company to make your start-up, growing, or remodeling projects as painless as possible. We are happy to welcome AIS and SPS to our growing list of manufacturers and partners.