In an article by Brent Maugel, President of Maugel Architects, titled “Design your office for success: How branding and smart design boost value and morale”, we are asked to take a look at our company’s branding and appearance. Anyone that commutes along highways 495 or 128 knows there are a lot of office buildings that were once booming with activity during the 80’s & 90’s; some of these office parks housed companies for over 30 years. As some of these companies are moving on, the office spaces are becoming available to the newer generation of start-ups. Most companies looking to sell in these areas have been in the same spaces since they began, and have done little to no renovations over the years. This creates a great opportunity for start-up companies because the low initial costs offer opportunity for customization. This can also be a great benefit for the Massachusetts economy as it allows the potential to create, as Maugel would say, an amenity-rich environment that will attract new talented individuals.

How do we create environments that will attract this talent? Maugel explains that branding, appearance, and amenities such as libraries, gyms, and cafes are what buyers are looking for. Using our experience in the field, we can’t help but agree. As the millennial generation has started to enter the work force, there has been a shift in the values and practices of companies to include more modern reception spaces, large outdoor areas, and open collaborative work-spaces.

Over the next few years we expect that many of these older buildings will be renovated to support a more involved community that allows a live-play-work atmosphere. Keeping up with current trends, wants, and needs of the generation will become more important, and designers will need to be more involved with clients to understand their vision.

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