Since its opening in 1989, Affordable Interior Systems, or AIS, has become a leading commercial office furniture manufacturer. AIS, founded by CEO Bruce Platzman and Chairman Arthur Maxwell, opened their first facility in Hudson, MA and soon expanded to three other facilities around Massachusetts. With so many manufacturing locations, they are able to produce six different desking systems as well as numerous chairs and casegoods at attractive price points. Our clients reap the benefits of AIS’s proximity; faster shipping times coupled with AIS’s efficient manufacturing process means that they can expect speedy deliveries of their new furniture.
Environmentally conscious AIS prides itself on “lean manufacturing”, or manufacturing with the least amount of waste possible. By making their systems out of highly recyclable content, each system can be broken down and re-used by future generations. Their manufacturing process also incorporates environmentally friendly measures to lower emissions and provide greener solutions. The company has partnered with ANEW, a company dedicated to helping people refurbish furniture that they do not want. ANEW will actually take back furniture previously purchased from AIS, and re-fabric and paint the pieces to create a whole new look. These environmental measures have earned the company a Carbon Neutral Certification.
Over the years, AIS has come out with some truly exciting and innovative products. They first made a name for themselves with their versatile MWall and AO2 panel systems. Their Matrix line soon followed which features a full frame and tiled panel system. The next system in the line was Divi, which was their first monolithic and segmented panel system. This system changed the idea of cubicles by incorporating glass and colored paneling that could be easily changed. More recently, AIS has also added more benching-type systems with their Calibrate and Oxygen lines. Both are free-standing open-style desking systems that give users the ability to collaborate in the workspace.
In 2005, they introduced their first seating line, Element, which provided clients with well-priced options for ergonomic task and executive chairs. Over the years, they’ve added many new office seating lines, all offering the best in comfort, flexibility, and value.
We expect great things for AIS in the future; with their numerous awards and new products they are sure to continue to be an industry leader in commercial office furniture. The company itself says it best: “Vibrant, Unique, Reliable, Committed, Ingenuity, Excellence, Passionate – That’s AIS.”