Vestmark Office FurnitureVestmark, an existing client of Joyce Contract Interiors, is growing rapidly and recently took over some new space on the first floor of their building in Wakefield, MA. Having worked with us on their location in New Jersey, to create a modern open style office, Vestmark wanted to continue the look for their space in Wakefield. After meeting with the clients at our showroom to discuss their design vision for the new space, we were able to narrow down the furniture to two different options. The first option was a 6’ x 8’ private cubicle that gave their engineering group a quiet space to work, and the other was a modified dogbone style cubicle that gave privacy between work-groups but allowed for collaboration between each pod. After providing a few layouts and visuals of the two options, it was decided that the modified dogbone would be the best option for the group’s needs.

Wanting to give their employees flexible options on how they could work the company also wanted to provide height adjustable tables with double monitor arms for their computer needs. With some taller employees it was important that the spine of the workstations were 67” high to give privacy while standing, but to keep a more open feel it was decided that a stepped-down look on the wing panels would be best with the lowest panels being 39” high. To keep with the open modern atmosphere frosted glass stackers were added to the panels, which allowed natural lighting from the buildings many windows to flow through the space. A total of 83 workstations were incorporated into the space, along with conference tables and chairs, collaborative area seating, high-top lounge table and chairs, and Zenergy ball guest seating.