Resimercial: What’s All the Fuss About?

The concept of “resimercial” office space bridges the longstanding divide between “residential” and “commercial” – between comfort and efficiency, relaxation and productivity. More than just a workplace trend, the resimercial approach acknowledges what employees have long craved: a comfortable, inviting environment that facilitates free expression, long-term wellness, and natural, spontaneous collaboration.

What’s All the Fuss About? Why the Resimercial Approach is Here to Stay

Today’s employees spend more time than ever at work, so resimercial design strives to make the workplace more like home. Collaborative zones, for example, are designed with cozy living rooms in mind. Restorative touches, like gentle lighting and comfortable furniture, offer busy employees the chance to recharge. According to Caro Wilbanks, director of furniture services for the interior architecture firm lauckgroup, designers are producing “furniture that looks more like art” as a response to the popularity of the ever-evolving resimercial aesthetic.

The advent of the work-from-home phenomenon and the increasingly digital nature of today’s workplace make for an increasingly lonely work life. Millennials, baby boomers, and employees everywhere in between find themselves yearning for the types of “water-cooler” discussions that once characterized office life. Working from home has revealed itself to be as potentially damaging as it is freeing, with studies by the CBC and others citing increased depression rates among at-home employees.

With personal well-being at the forefront of the resimercial phenomenon, designers are giving modern employees what they want: A workplace that acknowledges the value of play alongside work. Strictly commercial design is often characterized by utilitarian furniture and uninspired decor, placing cost and practicality above all else. The resimercial approach lets employers mix it up, offering working spaces uniquely suited to each individual’s style. Beanbag chairs, standing desks, and couches are staples of resimercial design. Some companies are even creating game rooms for their employees as a way to encourage play and unmonitored creative time while fostering relaxation, camaraderie, and positive morale.

But resimercial doesn’t just celebrate comfort—it’s all about great style, too. Resimercial designers recognize that the best workplaces don’t just feel amazing—they’re inspiring to look at, too. Sleek, efficient lines and organic materials, including wood and natural fabrics, characterize today’s dynamic resimercial movement.

Taking the Plunge: Embracing Resimercial in Your Office Space

There’s a lot to love about the resimercial workplace: It promotes geniality and collaboration. It prioritizes contentment and great aesthetics, and it sends employees a clear signal: That their comfort and well-being is paramount. Resimercial office spaces can even improve employee mental health and boost morale, and a beautiful, comfortable, inviting workspace makes it easier to attract and retain quality talent.

In today’s work-from-home world, office managers realize that today’s workplace needs to be inspired and even fun—the perfect merger of work and play. Knowledgeable furniture dealers, including Joyce Contract Interiors, are trained to scout and select the perfect pieces for your workplace, whatever the term “resimercial” means to your unique team. Great dealers know that comfort comes in all shapes and sizes, and should be committed to merging good taste with proven practicality.

Resimercial: Not Just a Trend

The resimercial phenomenon might be newly emerging, but that doesn’t mean it won’t stick around. As it becomes easier for modern employees to work remotely, companies will have to work even harder to bring them into the office space, where productive and inspired collaboration can really take place. Resimercial design gives workers the best of both worlds—the opportunity to relax, unwind, and roll up their sleeves. Let’s get some work done.