After expanding to a new location in Downingtown, PA, RJP was looking for a company to provide modern furnishings that would create an open, collaborative feel. Joyce Contract Interiors supplied a quote and layout for RJP’s new space; the proposal included 3D renderings that allowed RJP employees to visualize the furniture within the space. Joyce Contract Interiors also helped RJP finalize a color scheme that incorporated the company’s logo.

Samantha was able to achieve their design vision by using 7′ x 9′ open style cubicles. These stations provide the perfect balance of privacy and collaboration, with 53″ High panels and a boomerang shaped table extending out of the cubicle that allows guest and coworkers to easily pull up a chair. The tiled panels also contribute to the overall look of the space by including a blue stripe along the outside walls of the stations that incorporated the company colors, while glass stackers gave the illusion of open space by allowing natural lighting to flow freely throughout the space. The space is completed with a matching reception station and small collaborative areas