Many of us are still working from home. However, most companies are beginning to think about the transition from remote work back into the office. While some employees may prefer a home set-up, a number of people are looking forward to returning to an office setting for the collaboration and privacy advantages. Businesses everywhere are excited to welcome back their employees and resume work as usual. During this transition, it is more important than ever for companies to focus on the office work environment. Offices must be designed so that employee health and safety are prioritized. Just because work life will begin to look a bit more normal does not mean that anyone can ignore important health precautions concerning COVID.  Anxiety is high concerning health and safety, and necessarily so. Your employees will not be comfortable returning to work in the office until they feel confident that you have made adjustments to keep them safe. Here, JCI offers guidance about office furniture, space, and design that will help you redesign your office to maximize safety as your employees return to work.

Important aspects of coming back to the office

How does office interior design impact happiness?

While corporate office interior design may seem like an extra effort when it comes to practical work, the way an office is set up can have a great deal of impact on staff happiness. Office design influences productivity and satisfaction during the work day. Just think about going to work in a dark, cold, barren cubicle as opposed to a well-lit, comfortable, spacious environment. Office interior design can make a company workspace much more appealing to be in, therefore fostering the happiness of each employee. At Joyce Contract Interiors, we know interior office design and we love seeing the difference it can make.

How does office design affect workplace health?

Comfort, happiness, and well-being are all interlaced factors of overall health. When your employees are healthy, then your workplace is healthy, and vice versa. A healthy office design is a fantastic way to influence overall workplace health. Like a well-built machine, an office needs to be coordinated and designed for efficiency as well as comfort. In the current circumstances, a healthy workplace design will involve the addition of dividers that help set a safe distance between individuals. Various types of office dividers are effective in stopping the spread of illness by creating safe barriers between people in the event that an individual is sick but asymptomatic. The way an office is set up impacts the ability of employees to create personal space and feel secure. If desks are located too closely together, employees may spread germs and illness more easily, or worry about doing so. However, an office designed with wellness in mind offers ways to interact while remaining safely distanced. In this way, the design of an office directly affects workplace health.

How can you create a healthy workplace through interior design?

Creating a healthy workplace through design involves making specific decisions that prioritize safety and distance in addition to comfort and efficiency. With the unique selection of furniture available at Joyce Contract Interiors, we are ready to help you learn about changes that can be made to improve workplace wellness. With different types of dividers, appropriately spaced structures, and specialty office furniture, you can create an office environment that ensures the safety of your employees as they return to work. Creating a healthy workplace starts with design and ends with employee satisfaction. Learning about our healthy workplace design options is the first step of your effort to establish an office space that is safe.

Office furniture that promotes safety

How can office safety be improved?

A healthy workplace design begins with the selection of office furniture. Office wellness design focuses on prioritizing the health of individual employees through the utilization of specific furniture. Currently, there are office furniture pieces that are designed to protect the health of your employees. With desks, tables, and chairs that carry antibacterial properties, you can organize your workspace to halt the spread or growth of mold and bacteria. Your employees will feel reassured knowing that their cleanly washed hands will not be contaminated by shared communal office settings. Office furniture can also come finished with stains that are protected against damage from strong cleaning agents. Being able to clean your office furniture with bleach and other medical-grade cleansers without worrying about staining or ruining the furniture itself will help you upgrade your cleaning procedures. In these ways and others, your corporate wellness design can easily prioritize the safety of your employees with simple adjustments.

What specific pieces of office furniture can be changed to create a healthy workspace design?

At Joyce Contract Interiors, we strive to help you design the optimal healthy office design. In the current circumstances, that involves prioritizing social distancing and safety without compromising efficiency. Implementing a modular office desk or a modular office workstation is an excellent way to accomplish these goals. A modular office workspace, particularly when it is designed with furniture carrying antibacterial properties, will offer your employees individual spaces within which to work. A modular office desk with any of several types of dividers protects employees while allowing for conversation. The ways in which modular office desks and workstations can be moved or adjusted also provide opportunity for improvement based on use. Private office workstation systems allow employees to keep safe distances from each other and offer privacy that employees may have missed working from home.

Putting your employees first

Why is design important in the workplace?

Design is important in the workplace because it sets the general attitudes, styles, and environment that are central to workplace culture. Wellness in office design demonstrates that the company cares about employees and values their health in addition to the work they provide. Ultimately, healthy workplace design ensures that healthier and happier employees produce excellent work. Taking the time to plan, and investing the money in, improved workplace design is an important strategy for building a successful business. Especially under the current circumstances, employees everywhere feel uncertain. As employees prepare to adjust to working in an office again, the added benefits of a corporate wellness design will help them feel supported and valued.

How does office design affect employees?

Workplace design and well-being go hand-in-hand. The effects of office design on employees can be seen in the culture around the office. When time and effort has been put into prioritizing well-being in the workplace, the results are significant in terms of employee satisfaction as well as productivity. With a more comfortable work environment where individuals feel safe, a company will see higher levels of output and lower levels of turnover. Creating an office where people want to stay and work takes planning, but knowing that your employees are benefiting because of that design makes it worthwhile. A healthy office workplace leads to healthy employees, and healthy employees are happy employees.

Joyce Contract Interiors is here to help

Joyce Contract Interiors specializes in office design that meets any and all of your needs. In the current pandemic, we are here to help you emphasize wellness in office design. If you need to purchase modular office desks, modular office workstations, different types of dividers, private office workstations, or a private workstation system, we have what you are looking for. We can work with you to create a set-up that promotes safety. Visit our specialty safety redesign page or contact us today to learn more about how you can welcome back your employees while prioritizing their safety, health, and overall well-being.