Care.com, the world’s largest online destination for care services, contacted Joyce Contract Interiors after learning that they were moving into a new building in Waltham, MA. Taking over three full floors, the company knew they were going to need a reputable company to handle all of their furniture plans and installation. Having worked with JCI in the past and operating well in the desking systems we previously provided, they asked us to come up with a very similar system for their new space. Our office designer Brittany worked directly with the client and their hired architectural firm to come to solution both aesthetically pleasing and spatially efficient. To take advantage of the copious natural light, an open design was developed which incorporated 100 benching-style workstations per floor, along with conference rooms and private offices. Keeping with the companies branding, Brittany helped the company create a warm and inviting space in their new location to continue to grow in for many years to come.