Office Design in Wakefield, MA: Vestmark

Vestmark, located in Wakefield, MA, took on an additional floor of office space in 2015. The job scope for the project included multiple open-collaboration areas, 80+ workstations, conference rooms, and private offices. Vestmark invested in 120-degree, height-adjustable desks within the cubicles. This choice demonstrated Vestmark’s concern for employee health. The trend continued with green Zenergy ball chairs. Zenergy ball chairs have a medicine ball within the structure that supports core health while sitting. The other important design focus for this office was to encourage collaboration among employees. Adding casters to the height-adjustable workstations and the box/box/file storage pedestals permits employees to work wherever, and in whatever way, that suits them best.

open cubicle, height-adjustable workstation

End of the 6-pack open cubicle workstation with height-adjustable 120-degree worksurface

office cubicles, Boston, MA

In between (2) 6-pack open-cubicle workstations with a moveable, round, collaboration table. Employees can pull-up Zenergy Ball chairs (green) for impromptu meetings.

office lounge furniture, MA

Lounge featuring square, bar-height tables and colorful polypropylene Sonic stools.

open collaboration area, office furniture

Open collaboration area featuring bright Lush lounge chairs and an Idea Paint accent wall

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