Office Design in Waltham, MA: Charles River Interactive

Moving from Lexington, MA, to a new office in Waltham, MA, Charles River Interactive called upon JCI to help with space planning and design. Needing to optimize the space to its fullest potential, JCI office designer Janet Giunta knew that a benching style system would allow for the best layout. Using 120-degree workstations, she was able to provide open collaborative areas, which are not as straightlaced as typical cubicles. One year later, Janet was asked to design the company’s adjacent suite, as the company continued to grow. Planning for more workstations, an open kitchen, and interactive social areas, Janet continues to “let the walls come down” in this open-style office space!

reception area

Reception area

conference space

Conference space

dog-bone workstation

Dog-bone workstation

collaboration area

Collaboration area

office layout

Before: Office layout

office layout

After: Office layout

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