Office Tables

If you’re looking for any type of office table; including conference room tables, training room tables, meeting room/huddle tables, breakroom/cafe tables, reception/lounge tables or hi-top tables, Joyce Contract Interiors can provide you with an extensive array of tables from which to choose along with a broad selection of laminates and paint colors. The selections below showcase our top sellers in the following categories:

Conference Room Tables

Conference room tables are available in a variety of sizes and configurations, joining functionality and durability with elegant styling to provide impressive settings for company meetings or for your client presentations. Please also see our conference room accessories such as Whiteboards, glassboards, and mobile whiteboards. Following is a small selection of the conference room tables that we offer from a few of our manufacturers. Contact us if you have any questions about selecting the right conference table for your office, or about pricing or power options.

Small Meeting or Huddle Room Tables

Meeting rooms or Huddle rooms are ideal collaborative office areas for groups who want to get together for smaller, more intimate meetings. As opposed to large company staff meeting rooms where office-wide and group status meetings tend to be scheduled at regular intervals, huddle rooms promote more impromptu and productive meetings for smaller groups, driving more focused work.

Following are some examples of meeting or huddle room office furniture. Please contact us if you have any specific needs for your office.

Training Room Tables

Training and nesting tables offer flexibility in configuring your office training or multi-purpose space. Training room desks and tables are available with a variety of surface choices, base options, and technology-friendly features.

Following are some examples of training room furniture. We also offer a wide selection of task chairs and guest seating. Contact us if you have any specific needs or help designing your office training area.

Reception or Lounge Tables

Reception or Lounge Tables come in a wide variety of sizes and configurations, a complimintent to any reception or lounge seating and are available in a many different finishes. Following are some examples of reception or lounge tables. Not seeing exactly what you are looking for, contact us and we can help you pick the right table for your reception or lounge area.

Hi Top Tables

Hi Top Tables are used in collaborative areas or breakrooms, allowing for employees to come together and either stand or sit at a stool. Most are available in bar height or counter height, and in a variety of finishes and power options. Please contact us and one of our design capabilities can help you pick the right one.

Breakroom or Cafe Tables

Office cafeteria furniture should be comfortable, easy to maintain, and chosen carefully to fit your needs and budget. Cafeteria tables also have myriad styles and features and can accommodate two, four, six or more people depending on your space and needs.

Following are some examples of cafeteria furniture. We also offer a wide selection of tall stools and cafeteria seating. Contact us if you have any specific needs for your office cafeteria area.


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