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Office Furniture Leasing

There are many excellent reasons why companies choose to lease office furniture. Smaller companies may want to conserve working capital while larger corporations may prefer the tax incentives of leasing vs. buying. Some other advantages include:

  • Immediate Acquisition of office furniture, allowing new or expanding businesses to acquire all the office furniture and equipment they need right away, without having to deal with capital budgeting requirements.
  • Conserving cash and preserving credit lines, freeing up working capital to meet growing payrolls or business expansion while keeping bank lines of credit open for critical purchases and emergencies.
  • 100% Financing, which incorporates soft costs such as freight, installation, and tax.
  • Flexible Payments and Terms, which can include no money down, fixed interest rates, and extended terms.
  • Equipment upgrades, which allow the freedom to upgrade or expand your systems at any time.

Read more about our leasing process and what tax benefits you can expect to receive.

We offer a leasing calculator that will provide an estimated monthly payment and a lease application to start the process.

Please call or contact us if you have any questions or need help determining your project cost.

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