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Boston Fire Code (CAL 133) Approved Office Chairs

boston fire code chairs

The Boston Fire Code is regarded as one of the most stringent open-flame tests in the furniture world, comparable to CAL TB 133 (California Technical Bulletin 133). These tests not only measure the degree of flame spread, but they also measure the gasses given off by the burning furniture, which can be equally as dangerous. All chairs sold within the Boston city limits must adhere to the Boston Fire Department Test and Requirements, so we make sure that our Boston clients have access to a comprehensive selection of chairs that meet these requirements.

*** All of the chairs on this page are Boston Fire Code Certified ***

Learn more about the Boston Fire Code Chairs available at Joyce Contract Interiors, including information on CAL 133 and Boston Fire Department Test and Requirements for Boston Fire Code Chairs.

What is CAL 133 (also known as CAL TB-133)?

CAL 133, or California Technical Bulletin 133, is the most severe fire test in the world for upholstered furniture and is mandatory for furniture sold in what is called “public occupancies” in the state of California. It should be noted that several other states have adopted California Technical Bulletin 133 for the same occupancies. The CAL 133 test for upholstered furniture was designed specifically for upholstered furniture used in public occupancies, and this test is not applicable to upholstered furniture used in residential occupancies.

The Boston Fire Department Test and Requirements

The Boston Fire Department Tests and Requirements (The Boston Fire Code) was developed solely for public occupancy furniture sold in the city of Boston. While the Boston Fire Code is an open flame test and officially requires test methodology that differs from the TB-133 tests and criteria, Boston officials have stated in public forum that they will accept the results of TB-133 if the TB-133 data is submitted to the Boston Fire Department. Joyce Contract Interiors is acutely aware of these requirements, and we can help our Boston clients find high-quality, stylish office furniture that meets this CAL 133 code. We will work with you in obtaining a permit a determining all fees related to that permit (fees are based on the number of fabrics to be certified). [View the Boston Fire Department Application for Installation of Upholstered/Molded Seating].


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