PHONE NUMBER: 978-251-2226

Boston Marathon 2019 Sponsorship Page for Dan Joyce

I am challenging myself to run the marathon for the first time (2019) and have joined Find The Cause Breast Cancer Foundation to run and give them my support. I am looking to my friends and business partners to help me support this worthy cause that affects everyone. Please consider giving a tax-deductible donation. If you would like to sponsor a mile, minimum bid is $500 per mile. Those who sponsor a mile(s) will receive in return for your tax-deductible donation:

1- Six months advertising of your logo on our website below
2- Six months blogging on our social media posts (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, twitter, our blogs and mailchimp)
3- Race-day mention
4- Helping a great cause/terrible disease that affects all of us
5- Tax-deductible donation

To sponsor a mile or make a donation (all donations are tax-deductible), please click here to be taken to my donation page. If you would like to sponsor a mile (with a $500 donation), please email us at with your logo and which of the open miles you would like to sponsor.

Please contact Dan or Lynne with any questions at 978-251-2226. Thank you in advance for your support. Click here to learn more about Find the Cause Breast Cancer Foundation.

Sponsorship’s by Mile:
Mile 1: Open Plan Systems
Mile 2: __
Mile 3: __
Mile 4: __
Mile 5: Joyce Contract Interiors
Mile 6: __
Mile 7: __
Mile 8: __
Mile 9: __
Mile 10: __
Mile 11: __
Mile 12: Joyce Contract Interiors

Mile 13: __
Mile 14: HAT Contract
Mile 15: HAT Contract
Mile 16: HAT Contract
Mile 17: Ken’s Wine Guide
Mile 18: __
Mile 19: __
Mile 20: Kilcoyne Associates – (Heartbreak Hill)
Mile 21: Beverly Joyce (Heartbreak Hill)
Mile 22: In memory of Daniel L Joyce, Jr. (Heartbreak Hill)
Mile 23: __
Mile 24: __
Mile 25: Open Plan Systems
Mile 26: Twin Seafood

Mile 1 and 25

Mile 5 and 12

Mile 9

Mile 14, 15 and 16

Mile 17

Mile 20

Mile 26

Interested in Sponsoring a Mile?