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Office Accessories: File and Storage Pedestals

Office configuration showing both under-worksurface File/File pedestals and mobile cushion-top Box/File pedestals

File and Storage Pedestals / Mobile Pedestals / Under-worksurface Pedestals


File and storage pedestals come in many styles and configurations and can be used for various office applications. Pedestals are available with one or more storage drawers (referred to as “boxes”) and/or one or two file drawers. Typical configurations are “Box/Box/File,” “File/File,” and “Box/File.” Pedestals with tops can be used as standalone pieces for storage or with a cushion to provide additional seating. Pedestals can also be made mobile with casters (with or without a cushion). Under-worksurface pedestals (either open or closed-top) can be used in cubicles and collaborative areas and may become integral parts of the desk support (see our desking configurations for examples).

Typical dimensions for pedestals are: 15″ width, 27.5″ height, and 20″/24″/30″ depth. Most are available with a keyed lock. If you need a particular size or pedestal configuration for your office, please contact us and we can help you find exactly what you need.

Partsco File/File mobile file pedestal
Partsco Box/Box/File mobile pedestal
Partsco under-worksurface  File/File pedestal
Partsco under-worksurface Box/Box/File pedestal

File/File mobile pedestal

Box/Box/File mobile pedestal

Box/File mobile pedestal with cushion top

Box/File mobile pedestal with cushion top

Padded storage pedestal
Padded mobile file pedestal
Padded mobile storage pedestal
Padded box file

Box/Box/File pedestal with cushion top

Box/File mobile pedestal with cushion top

Under-worksurface File/File pedestal

Under-worksurface Box/Box/File pedestal

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