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Office Design in Waltham, MA: Netprospex

Creating an Open Collaborative Space

NetProspex hired the Joyce Contract team to design and furnish their Waltham, MA, headquarters. The client was looking for white, low, open, and collaborative cubicles with a splash of color added to the desks’ mobile pedestals. Eighty-eight open-plan, dog-bone-style cubicles were designed and installed to meet this goal. Glass “whiteboards” of various colors were added, to function as whiteboards and also to supply a pop of color. Conference rooms were designed with colorful glass tables surrounded by white Euro-style chairs. The result: a fun, cool, collaborative open-style office!

Office design, Netprospex

An open design with colorful and comfortable furnishings define the company’s modern, collaborative culture

Open style desking


Office workstation, Massachusetts, C-shaped worksurface

C-shaped worksurface

120-degree cubicles, waltham ma

120-degree cubicles

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