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Open Office Desking & Benching Systems

New trends in office design are about moving away from the typical boxy cubicle layouts and instead moving towards more collaborative, open, and attractively designed environments. Desking and benching systems are designed to promote employees to work together, sharing information and ideas. These systems also allow for more efficient use of office space; many companies looking to expand their work force often find these desking and benching systems an ideal solution, as they eliminate the need and the considerable costs of moving and/or renting additional office space.

Following are some examples of our desking and benching systems. Note that most of these configurations are adaptable for larger or smaller groups of people simply by adding or eliminating desking units. We can also add or remove various components and/or accessories depending on your specific needs.

We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have about our benching and desking systems; call or contact us so that we can help you set up a benching or desking system that works best for your work place.

To complement your desking and benching systems, please also see our selection of executive office chairs, guest chairs, and task chairs as well as our office accessories.

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