Office Conference Room Tables


Conference room tables are available in an extremely wide assortment of styles and configurations, joining functionality and durability with elegant styling to provide impressive settings for company meetings or for your client presentations. Please also see our conference room accessories such as Whiteboards, glassboards, and mobile whiteboards and Power Solutions.

Following is a small representive selection of conference room tables that we offer from a few of our manufacturers. Contact us if you have any questions about selecting conference or training room furniture for your office, or about pricing or options.


Global Zira Laminate Boat shape 48″x120″ Conference Table
with (3) Technology bases

Our price: $1,999

Global Boardroom Laminate Rectangular 48″x96″ Table
with Panel End base

Our Price: $919

Rectangle 48″x 96″ Laminate Conference Table
with (2) Laminate Bases and Power

Our Price: $1,059

Rectangle 48″x144″ Laminate Conference Table 
with (3) Laminate Bases and Power

Our Price: $1,349

Global Correlation Boat-shape 48″x120″ Conference Table
with Drum bases

Our Price: $929

Global Correlation Laminate Racetrack 48″x96″ Table
with V bases

Our Price: $679

Global Alba Oval Laminate 48″x96″ Conference Table
with sculpted tungsten base

Our Price: $589

Global ConnecTable Laminate 76″x132″ Table
Closed Crescent configuration with (6) tables

Our Price: $1,765

Paoli Boat-shape 120″x48″ Conference Table
Wood veneer with rectangular bases

Our Price: $2,700

Paoli Rectangular 168″x54″ Conference Table
Laminate with (3) Access Bases

Our Price: $5,499

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